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Thread: Shareaza All-In-One AntiSpam Filter

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    Lightbulb Shareaza All-In-One AntiSpam Filter

    All-In-One AntiSpam Filter (Sep-10-2009) by By Cyko


    All-In-One AntiSpam Filter
    Child Porn Filter
    Adult Porn Filter
    .zip Spam Filter


    1) Download the security filter(s) using the link(s) above
    2) In Shareaza, press the [F7] key on your keyboard to open the security window
    3) Delete any existing filters
    3a) Select the first item in the list
    3b) Scroll the the end of the list using your mouse (to keep the first item selected)
    3c) Hold down the [Shift] key and select the last item on the list
    all items should now be highlighted
    3d) Press the [del] key on your keyboard and click "yes" when prompted if you want to remove all selected security rules
    4) Right-click anywhere inside the white area and select "import" from the menu that appears
    5) Browse to where you saved the file(s) and select the file you just downloaded
    6) Repeat steps 1, 2, 4, and 5 for any of the optional filters if desired
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