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Thread: What are you currently Watching?

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    Coronavirus and HIV research paper review by Dr. Paul Cottrell
    The Coronavirus - David Icke

    some interesting related youtube comments:

    Fact: 5G roll out 31.10.19 in Wuhan
    SARS was manmade and patented just like the coronavirus.
    It’s funny how the US consulate in Wuhan closed at the end of December... and never reopened!.. What did they know already?!
    A vaccination is available in two months??
    This is a set up from start to finish.
    Common flu kills tens of thousands each year??
    Why is there such a big noise about this unknown virus?
    china is the laboratory of the new world order,
    False Flag 101: First sign of a False Flag event - a drill or simulation immediately before it
    Check out Event 201
    a pandemic exercise run on oct 19th at John Hopkins sponsored by git bill gates

    Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel

    notice how the global(ist) companies and the governments are planning to work together in delivering the payload all over the world
    there is a section on censorship of the internet and what they label as fake news, in an attempt to silence opposition

    Maybe there's no actual 'new' virus at all. It's the flu virus and a very effective propaganda exercise to generate fear... FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).
    Isnt Wuhan the place with 2 biochem labs ?'s to soften people to accept mandatory vaccines.
    ...the city lockdowns r trial runs for marshal law shutdown.


    FEMA has 800 prison camps for American people. The bill H.R. 645 to build concentration camps in USA . FEMA is going to put 50 million americans into concentration camps after Martial Law is declared in America. FEMA is an extermination agency planning for the next holocaust that will kill millions of Americans , the swine flu outbreak is the next false flag attack carry out by the U.S government millions of American will die from the swine flu deadly vaccines. Do not take the vaccines.

    Bill gates patented corona virus 2 years ago
    Just put "Patent for Corona Virus" in your search engine. It's easy. Plus Gates has been talking about depopulation through vaccines & abortion (buzzword"healthcare") at Ted Talks & other outlets for many years. *Remember too, his father also worked for Planned Parenthood. You can also research The Georgia Guildstones if you like & the work of Margaret Sanger.
    Speak Out: Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s Legacy on Race

    Quote Originally Posted by David Icke
    Prince Charles made a speach calling for the world economy to be changed, saving the world from climate change...we have the pope, another asset of this cabal, saying the same
    icke failed to notice that prince charles and the pope are talking about two different things:
    - charles (controlled by british masonry) is pushing for globalist economy (mass exploitation and eugenic depopulation)
    - pope goes for a christian values based economy (helping the poor to get back on their feet, as opposed to exploiting them or killing them off)

    regardless of what you may think of climate change, the world economy is obviously not working properly, therefore it needs to change for the better

    Parable of the Two Birds

    Two birds, beautiful of wings, close companions, cling to one common tree: of the two one eats the sweet fruit of that tree; the other eats not but watches his companion. The self is the bird that sits immersed on the common tree; but because he is not lord he is bewildered and has sorrow. But when he sees that other who is the Lord and the beloved, he knows that all is His greatness and his sorrow passes away from him...

    ...@ Paramatman

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    I am watching The Outsider S01E06, great show!
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    I "Into the Badlands S02"
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