True System Security Tweaker offers to change, enable or disable more than 450 security related settings in Windows. The portable application concentrates on user restrictions that are grouped into categories in the application interface. More than 20 categories are available of which some link to sub-categories. Among them security settings for Internet Explorer, the Windows Media Player, Task Scheduler, File System or the computer network.

Individual options are displayed with checkboxes to activate or deactivate them. Each entry offers a description of its impact when it is selected. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of how this looks like in the application.

It can take well over an hour to go through all settings available. Here are a few example security settings offered by the application:

* Disable the network connection wizard
* Disable drag and drop in the start menu
* Do not move deleted files to the Windows Recycle Bin
* Disable adding and deleting printers
* Disable the Windows Task Manager

The tool seems to be largely designed to control these settings for other users of the system. While it is possible to enable or disable them via Group Policies or the Registry, it often is an easier task to use a software like True System Security Tweaker for it.

It is possible to set an administrator password to prevent unauthorized access and tampering with settings. A reset all settings to their default values is available as well.

A prompt is displayed when the application is closed if the changes should be saved for the logged in user.
Download Link : True System Security Tweaker For Windows

Source : Ghacks