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Thread: [Full Guide] eMule: All explained (no bad features)

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    [Full Guide] eMule: All explained (no bad features)

    Start of tutorial: Guide for newbie
    eMule is a p2p filesharing program where you can find all kind of file. Start to use eMule is very simple, download and install it. Than you need to configure it, the important is options/connection setting wich depends from your internet connection type. See options --> connection for set it.

    For start a download you need to have an ed2k link or seach a file. You can search files in Kad or Server. The Kad is a network where all clients (other people with eMule, called Sources) are connected. The server are like BitTorrent trackers and you will send you filelist to them for searching, and they have also a Sources list for file wich you will request. The server list need to be always updated. My suggestion is use that list Server.met
    Use also an Ip Filter. I will do a guide the next days to how update it and useful link.

    When you started a download eMule will found sources for download it. You can see the sources list by double click on the download wich you would see. There are different kind of sources, depends how you found they.

    For download from 1 sources you need to wait your turn because eMule have a queque and credit systems. You can know how work at the end of guide.

    When your download is finished you can always find it in shared files list. You need to continue to share it for the network. In eMule you can have unlimited shared files, but see server softlimit and don't have higher number.

    What are eMule Mods ?
    They are modified version of eMule. There is 2 king of mod, official and leecher. The leecher are faster but if you use options like "no upload" you will destroy the network, for this with some mod you can try to ban him... repeat, TRY...

    How to don't download fakes ?
    When you added a download from eMule click with right mouse button and see comments. Now, click on FileName. Here you can see the name of this file wich are setted other clients. If the name is different from your file the file is a fake.
    Check also the comment, go on commenct window and click on "Search in Kad", for example you can see the video quality of a film.

    You can also try fake-free sites, but you will not found all what you would
    Italian site: DDuniverse.net
    English site: Portal • sharethefiles.com
    Spanish site: eMuleTotal.com - eLinks para eMule
    Francais site: Bienvenue sur eMule-Island !

    How to speed up eMule ?
    The much important is take open your eMule the much possible ! Then you can use a Leecher mods for some features wich can give you more download.

    How I can know if I have an high ID ?
    The globe on the right should have the 2 green arrows if you are connected to servers and kad.
    Or will one green and one red if you have connected only 1 of 2.
    If so you have a high ID.

    How the queques system work before start with the options
    In eMule download system is managed by queques (like the supermarket ).
    Each eMule automatically creates a waiting list (queue) places where all requests for upload, which means that every user who asks for a file will be put on a waiting list drawn up according to a score from your eMule (The following are defined details.)

    When you start to download from someone means that you are at zero position of its tail (QR: 0).
    If someone is downloading from you means that the zero position of your upload queue and then it's up to him.

    Remember that eMule for each user keeps track of all Megabytes downloaded and provided for a period of 150 days (5 months) since the last time that you have found.
    In a nutshell you have 5 months to "recover" your credits before he forgets you

    SCORE CALCULATION (* is moltiplication)

    Score = Wait time * shared file priority * credits

    Ok, let's see now:
    Wait time: 1 second is 1 point
    Priority: Release = 1.8
    High = 0.9
    Normal = 0.7
    Low = 0.6
    Very Low = 0.2

    For example if one client request to me a file with release priority and wait time of 20 min (without credit) he will get this score:

    20 min = 1200 sec

    1200 * 1.8 = 2160 Score is 2160

    Know the credit system at end of guide

    Options --> General

    Bring to front on link click: When you click on an ed2k link, the window of eMule will be opened (if is in tray icon).

    Prompt on exit: When you close eMule you need to confirm.

    Enable online signature: If you have 1 web space and 1 program, if you use this options, eMule will create the file onlinesign.dat, and your friend can see in your website, what are doing your eMule. Is needed also an external program.

    Enable MiniMule: If enable do 1 click on eMule systemtray icon. What you can see is the minimule. If you want you can disable it.

    Prevent Standby mode while eMule is running: Self-explanatory. If yuo have set a stand-by time in your PC, this will be ignored if eMule is open.

    Edit web services: You can add web service to eMule creating a .dat files. IMHO: Not useful, only Xtreme Mod use that file from default.

    Handle eD2K Links: The ed2k links will be opened with eMule.

    Check for new version: eMule will check if there is new version at startup.

    Show splash screen: Is the image wich you see at center of your screen when you open eMule.

    Start minimized: Will start eMule on trayicon

    Start with Windows: Self-Explanatory.

    Options --> Display

    They're all self explanatory, except:
    Windows 7 Taskbar Effect: You will see a green, yellow or red bar in eMule icon. Depends if you have active downloads or not, and if you have downloads with an error.
    Auto Completion (history function): When you search for example Ubuntu, when you write "U" in search, you will see Ubuntu under, with all the list of "U" starter... this happen also in FireFox google at the top on dx.

    Options --> Connection

    Download and upload capacities: they adjust the statistics graph sizes.

    Download speed limit: can be set to unlimited, although if you're maxing your connection out you may want to set a limit of 50 kb/s minus of max for surfing internet or other things.

    Upload speed limit: set this to 75-80% of your maximum upload speed (you can do the speedtest here: Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test ) to avoid clogging your line and slowing everything down. If you set something lower than 12kB/s, your download will be limited (upload limit * 3).

    TCP and UDP ports: set these to something between 49152 and 65535.

    Max. sources per file, for 2000/XP/Vista/7 set 500 (depends also from router, set max 1000 but 500 in good)
    for 98/ME 100 (for these 2 operative system do not use Kad)

    Max. connections: a very large value may slow you down. Router users should be careful when setting it above 255, and everyone should bear in mind other programs are also using the same Internet connection! Anon: I've set it to 400. TheDeathless: I've set it to 500. (TheDeathless don't use router )

    Autoconnect on startup: makes eMule connect to Kad and server(s) when run, recommended.

    Reconnect on loss: self-explanatory, eMule will try to reconnect to Kad and server(s) if the connection is lost. Recommended, too.

    Show Hoverhead: You will see hoverhead bandwitch. Some mods calculates it better, anyway is recommended.

    Options --> Proxy
    The people wich use a Proxy know how configurate it.

    Options --> Server

    The Update category are self explanatory. In list button you need to paste the URL of server list and active the auto-update on startup.

    Use smart LowID check on connect: If in 1 server you have lowID eMule will change server.

    Safe Connect: eMule will not ask connection to two server. Only 1 to 1. Recommended.

    Autoconnect to servers in static list only: Self-Explanatory. For add a server to static list, right click on it and select "add to static list".

    Use Priority System: Self Explanatory

    Set manually added servers to high priority: If you add 1 server manually (choosee Ip, port ecc.) it will have high priority.

    Options --> Directories
    Here you can choose the directory of eMule downloaded files and .part files.
    The downloaded files (default in imcoming). The imcoming files and part files will be always shared. Yuo can also share other folders.

    Options --> Files, Notification, Statistics
    I think are all self-explanatory. This settings are really simple. For any question ask here.

    Options --> IRC
    Who use IRC network know how configure it.

    Options --> Messages And Comments
    The setting are self-explanatory, and here you can set what comments you would filter. For example with these settings, "Download eMule PRO, fastest eMule ever" will be filtered.

    Options --> Security

    Filter servers too: Your server are filtered if an Ip is in the IP filter list. Recommended

    Filter Level: The level of filter of IP. Do not change this, or your IP filter can not work.

    Reload and list: Reload, you will reload IP filter, List, you can see the list of IP filtered.

    Update from URL: You need to insert a link for an IP Filter like that: Download Emule Pawcio mod from SourceForge.net

    See My Shared Files: Other user can see all your shared files, or only firend. Nobody is recommended.

    Enable Protocol Obfuscation: For evade some provider filter wich would block eMule, recommended.

    Allow Obfuscated connection only: Self explanatory and not recommended.

    Disable support for obfuscated connections: Self explanatory and not recommended.

    Use secure identification: Is for your huserhash with contact of other client. Recommended

    Run eMule as unprivileged user: You can't set some options of eMule, not recommended.

    Enable spam filter for search result: Self explanatory, Recommended.

    Warn when open untrusted files: They are dangerous some time. Recommended

    Options --> Scheduler

    Using the Scheduler you can schedule certain events. In reality it is little used, partly because if eMule is well configured not need to schedule some routine, but this option might be useful in case of special needs.
    Once in the Preferences screen of the program, to plan an event, click on New. At this point in the window below will appear at the column title just a question mark "?". This is clearly because it has not yet decided how to identify the event and most importantly, what should happen.
    In the Details window below, you can write a title that identifies the event and set the time in which to start and finish the event.

    Options --> Web Interface
    Here you can set a webserver for eMule. Enable it and set a port (TCP) and a password. Then write in a internet browser your IP and the port. For example h++p://xx.xxx.xxx.xx/4711. Enter the password and control eMule.
    With administrator you can do more options (stop download, shut down pc and other).

    Options --> Advanced
    No. max new connections per 5 sec
    This is the number of new connections that eMule opens in a period of 5 seconds. The default value is 20.

    - Do not change this value if you don't know what are doing ! If you do an error, yuor download will be slow or = 0 !!!

    Maximum number partial connections open
    With XP SP2 the max connection is 10. For this in eMule is born this options (default 9).
    You can set 50 in windows 2000/ME/98/95, or you can patch your system for increase also in latest operative system. IMHO: Do not change anything ! The speed is always the same. 9 is ok !

    Reject fast connection
    Active block users who connect to us 3 times in minutes. You can use it for ban aggressive mod and for don't have problem with router...

    Update interval connection to server [min]
    Self explanatory. 0 = auto, or set a value in minutes, ONLY in very rare case if eMule often lose server connection for router problems. IMHO: Use 0 !

    Add ed2k links automatically only when eMule is running
    From your internet browser, ed2k links will be added on eMule only if it is open. Useful if you use other ed2k clients...

    Activate credit system
    You will reward uploaders. http://www.sb-innovation.de/f59/guid...systems-21118/

    Open / close ports on the firewall in WinXP when you start / close eMule:
    eMule is able to automatically open the necessary ports in the internal firewall of Windows XP. This approach further enhances security by not leaving doors open when eMule is closed and opened again when starting.
    This setting is available only in Windows XP and only for its internal firewall.
    This option will not work correctly with WinXP SP2 RC.

    Filters the IP server and client LAN
    Sources containing private IP class A ( -, B ( -, C ( -, localhost ( - 127 255 255 254) and all IPs that begin with zero (0.xxx) are not valid on the Internet. These sources received from a client with exchange sources or from a server are ignored when filtering is enabled.
    IMPORTANT: If you use eMule in a local area network (LAN), you turn this option off or eMule will not be able to find any source from the network.

    Show more controls (advanced)
    You will see advanced controls of eMule. IMHO: Always bettere active it

    Off the research of A4AF to save CPU
    Sef Explanatory: eMule will not search A4AF sources, for use less CPU

    Turn off automatic previews archive the file details:
    Disabling this option when you right click on a file by choosing File Information About Content section and click on the preview will not start automatically archive contents.

    Use Host Name for your ed2k links
    The ed2k links will be created using your IP, with this other can find you how sources better. IMHO: Not useful. Disable it

    Create New File. Part as 'sparse' (NTFS only)
    Checking this option will create eMule part files with NTFS compression enabled, so that the file download will occupy only the space of the data actually downloaded.
    IMPORTANT: Don't work on windows vista for a bug of operative system

    Allocates the entire file size
    Example for easies explanation. Normally, if you are downloading a file, eMule will save chunk... if a file 500 MB, and you have 50% of chunk .part will be 250 MB. With this options when you add download, at 0% the size of part is 500 MB. Useful for people wich have size problem.

    Check disk space
    The size of temporary files to download eMule increases dynamically according to demand. This option controls disk space ensures that the current download can be completely transferred and completed. All files are downloaded to the disk space limit is reached. In future if disk space aument, download will continue.

    Writing secure file .met / .dat
    In newer operating systems that use the NTFS file system does not need to change this option.
    If downloads are repeatedly lost as a result of a crash or closing eMule, the safest method should be tried.
    Depending on hardware used, this option can significantly increase disk activity or load on the system or lengthen the time of closing eMule!

    Export metadata
    This option lets you set whether to extract values like artist, song title, etc. of a MPEG audio files (mp3s are part of it, to give an example) or otherwise. The data will appear in the Meta Data File Information.

    Fix the links in the shared folders
    If this option is checked, eMule in shared folders check if there are links to other files. If yes this files, will be shared.

    Save the log on disk
    The log and verbose log will be saved in log folder if their dimension if more than 1 MB.

    Thorough registry (additional information)
    Activate the verbose log. Useful only at svilupper of eMule. No information will be spread. If you want more information check eMule src

    Dynamic Upload
    eMule will automatic set a variable upload limit. Depends from your connection upload, eMule will detect it with ping tests.

    A guide about the dynamic upload systems is at the end of guide.

    eMule will auto open ports for have high ID if yuor router support this system

    Buffer Size File
    It 's the maximum size of the buffer where the files are allocated temporarily before being written to disk. If eMule will write fast, will use more CPU, for that I use the max value. But in case of crash you can lose more data (some MB). Take your choice, I always max . Less CPU use, eMule never crash, and if crash there are not much more lose data.

    Queque Size
    High queque will use better the credit system. But there is much more CPU use and hoverhead bandwich use !!! IMHO: use 5000 or 4000. Not higher !

    Open Preferences.ini
    The preferences.ini file contains all parameters and configuration options set in eMule, then any changes to the Options will be saved in this file.
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    Different credit systems

    Official: There are two different credit modifier calculated, eMule will use the low number:

    * Ratio1 = Uploaded Total x 2 / Downloaded Total
    * Ratio2 = SQRT(Uploaded Total + 2)

    Both ratios are compared and the lower value is used as modifier. Some boundary conditions also exist:

    * > Uploaded Total < 1MB => Modifier = 1
    * > Downloaded Total = 0 => Modifier = 10
    * > The modifier may not be lower than 1 or higher than 10

    Peace: Same as official with shorter and slower code.

    Xman: This feature is an enhancement of the existing credit system. It rewards clients which gives you a high download. This clients gets a bonus factor.

    On the other side, clients you upload much data and they don't give something back to you will get a penalty for the current emule session.

    * Bonus = (download - upload)/10485760 - 1.0/(download/10485760)

    Magic angel: Same as official, only some difference:
    - it gives Credits for Upload more than 1.65MB (official 1.00MB)
    - the lowest modifier is 0.1 (official 1.0)
    - the highest modifier is 50.0 (official 10.0)

    Magic angel +: Same as Magic Angel, but increases the modifier a bit, if the client uploaded to us more than we uploaded to him.

    Ratio: Based on official cs, but lowest modifier's 0.1 not 1.0 in official. Multiplier 2x, 4x, 16x only.

    Ratio by Stulle: In contrast to its name, it is not based on UL/DL ratio, but on DL, UL values and their differencies.
    There is not only 1 or 2 formul for calculate it. Isn't simple to understand it... and much difficult for me to explain.

    Neo: The Standard Score is 1.0. The uploaded/downloaded values are in bytes. If the Client does not has a file we need he will get a 1.0 score in any case. If the Client does not have a good SUI only Session Transfers are counted. Also this, have 2 very much complicate formules....

    Pawcio: Chages from official:

    * Range from 1.0 to 100.0
    * Multiplier of 3 (instead of 2) ---- ratio = 3 * downloaded / uploaded
    * For new clients (downloaded and uploaded data less than 1MB) ratio = 3.0 (instead of 1.0)
    * If you have received more than 1MB from someone but haven't given anything back user gets ratio = 100.0
    * Small bonus for clients that have given you many MB:
    o if you get 100MB then user receive ratio = 50.0 till you give back 108MB
    o 50MB - ratio = 25.0 - 55MB
    o 25MB - ratio = 12.0 - 28MB
    o 10MB - ratio = 5.0 - 12MB

    Fine: punish client for downloading partial files without giving back. Is an antileech feature.

    S.W.A.T.: I don't know if I remember right, but is same at official. Only max multiplier 100.

    IS_IDNEEDED --> Ratio = 0.75
    failed ident --> Ratio = 0.5
    Bad client --> Ratio = 0
    diffTransfer = upload - download
    If udiffTransfer >= 1GB --> ratio = 32

    else if 0 < diffTransfer < 1GB --> ratio = sqrt({diffTransfer in MB})

    else ratio = 1

    - +6 per MB uploaded and -2 for downloaded;
    - +100 if upload 1MB+;
    - if rating < 50 and upload 1MB+, rating = 50

    Lovelace: Credit Thefts will not get any credits. Only clients using the 'SecureHash' are able to get a multiplier of 100. All others will stick at 10. In contrast to the original credit system, credits are evaluated more on differences and not on quotients. Using the original system you have the best credit values shortly after generating a new userhash. With the new credit system you get good credit values faster if you already have uploaded many MB before (and did not cheat by killing the userhash). (old system: 5up/ 5down = DLModifier of 2, additional 5up = DLModifier of 4 10up/10down = DLModifier of 2, additional 5up = DLModifier of 3 -> for the same amount of additional upload you get less score (-25%) new system: 5up/ 5down = DLModifier of 1.16, additional 5up = DLModifier of 2.31 10up/10down = DLModifier of 1.85, additional 5up = DLModifier of 5.09 -> for the same amount of additional upload you get more score (+120%) because you already uploaded a certain amount before.)

    l-modifier=100*((1-1/(1+exp((3*{MB uploaded to us}^2-{MB downloaded from us}^2)/1000)))^6.6667)

    Client Analyzer: Assigns a score to clients based upon analysis of their behaviour, such as:

    - how long one knows someone (bonus for every week that a client keeps his hash)
    - upload/download ratio
    - kind of up/download (complete/partial/rare)
    - anti leecher options; nickthieves, modthieves, filefakers, spammers, xs exploiter or hammerer are taken into account
    - avg reask time

    The client analyzer will punish but NEVER BAN !

    TK4: If you are sharing completed files and someone downloads data from one of these from you they probably cannot give you data back as you have all of the file. So in the TK4 system their credit rating remains unchanged. If you are downloading a file and someone takes data from you from the parts of the file you have they will be subject to the credit system and depending on how much they have given they may have their credit rating reduced. At any time if anyone gives you data they get a credit rating increase.

    Give a 10x score increase to clients in your download queue (you will be wanting something from them soon).
    Penalize NoNeededParts and queuefull 2x (currently they're not needed but they might be in future, upload to them when all other sources have a score of at least 5).
    Give a slight score increase if the estimated waiting time in their queue is low.
    Give a slight score increase (smallest) for waiting time, just to be fair.

    OK, that is what I know. If someone can explain more, or better, write here and I will add information in this guide.


    Dynamic Upload Systems

    All we, know in eMule the upload is very important, and in eMule there is a metod for control his effective speed. The dynamic upload. This will do a ping test, and with this can check if your connection is active and know the real upload speed, and eMule will limit upload in automatic.
    NB: This system sometimes have some problem, and for this is better try to do some test manually and we decide the value. But if work good, use it for have the best results.

    UploadSpeedSense (USS): You can set this options:
    1. Minimum upload value: Explanation needed ? Set 1/2 of max speed
    2. "Ping Tolerance (% less than the Table)", default = 500, my advice is set 400. More high this value, more high (but instable) upload speed.
    3. Ping Tolerance (ms): Absolute value of ping tests. If you don't change it is not active, and is my advice
    4."Increase Speed" and "Decrease speed": eMule will increse or decrese speed from this value. More high, more sensible (and instable...). 1000 is good, if you would slow reaction use 800.
    5.Max ping to the average: Number of ping for average. 1 is good, do not change. 2 is unseless and often have problem !

    Smart Upload Control (SUC): This is a different system, you can also show how it work in the log if you want. You need always to se a minimum upload limit (1/2). SUC, will give more upload to client wich can receive it and less with client wich have problem to receive it by a ping test, with know also total upload speed like USS. About the configuration, the default values are ok, do not change it. This system is inferior at USS and NAFC !!!

    Network Adapter Feedback Control (NAFC): The NAFC not need configuration, and know the real traffic between modem and pc. The advantage are: More accurate, faster reaction time, no hoverhead.
    Disadvantage: Don't work on some operative system like win 95, administrator permish are requested and see the traffic of all computer in the LAN. Explanation of NAFC by Maella for the curious:
    NAFC (Network adapter Feedback Control)explanation by Maella:
    All applications that need to regulate their upload bandwidth face the same problems. When you ask the operating system (OS) to send data to a remote client, three different things could happen:
    - The sending could be proceed immediately
    - The sending could be delayed by the OS (e.g. remote client not ready, limit of the capacity of the network already reached)
    - The sending could be never proceed by the OS (e.g. connection with the remote client is lost)
    Another problem is that a part of the traffic on the network is generated by the protocol itself. So typically when data are received from a remote client, the OS must send some acknowledge (ACK) packets to the remote side to validate the transfer. These ACK will increase the overall traffic as well. The protocol creates an overhead that an application can not fully control.
    And finally, others applications can generate traffic for their own purposes (e.g. ftp, browser).
    In summary: when an application attempts to regulate its traffic, it knows what it's trying to send, but it doesn't know exactly when it is sent and what it is sent.
    Ideal Solution
    In the case of eMule, the ideal solution would be to know in real time the current level of the traffic though the modem (e.g. K56, ADSL, etc..). So if an application was award of it, it would be piece of cake to regulate the bandwidth. Keep in mind that the goal is to use all the time 100% of the capacity of the modem. Nothing more, nothing less!
    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to retrieve this information from the modem.
    Current solutions
    There are different approach to solve the above problem. Here it a list with some of them:
    1. Under use the bandwidth to insure having enough rooms for the protocol overhead (e.g. the official eMule).
    -all bandwidth is not used
    2. Try to send periodically packets (ping) with the purpose of measuring the reaction time of the modem. So if the reaction time gets too high, it could indicate a beginning of saturation of the modem (e.g. ZZ UploadSpeedSense).
    -add overhead to the traffic for the measure
    -limited reaction time > 1s
    -medium accuracy
    3. Try to measure the reaction time of the remote clients. (e.g. SUC).
    -no overhead
    -limited reaction time >1s
    -medium accuracy
    -depends on the capacity of both the local and remote modems.
    4. Measure the traffic at the network adapter level (Ethernet card) and not at the modem level. If all the traffic is only exchanged with the modem, then the network adapter will have a 1 to 1 image the modem's traffic => NAFC
    -no overhead
    -reaction time very fast <100 ms
    -very accurate
    -not available with all OS (e.g. win95)
    -might require administrator right (could be change somewhere in settings)
    -measure all the traffic sent or received by the local computer on the network (e.g. traffic with the modem + traffic with other computers on the local network)
    5. Use the Layered Service Provider of windows....
    The NAFC is certainly the best solution, but only if the network adapter is only used to exchange data with the modem.
    Final infos: IMHO, the USS and the NAFC are the only solution, but is often is better set our own personal limit, in base our connection type and our speed test for effective speed and test (also experience) with eMule.

    Antileecher Systems

    The antileecher are "tools" in different MOD and serve to counteract (through penalties or ban) clients harmful to the network.

    The Client Analyzer is a function designed by WiZardofDoS an antileecher system that is based on the behavior of a client to us. The client analyzer never ban and decide the punishiment from these factors:
    Nick Thief - Mod Thief - File Fakes - UDP-FNF Fakes - Fast Asks - Spams - FastXS - Mod Fakes - Ratio UP : DL to us - Bonus wich who conserve userhash.

    The Dynamic Leecher Protection use a .dll wich is needed update constantly wich can detect the leecher mods by their string. You can find the last version here: Browse emule Xtreme Mod Files on SourceForge.net
    download it and change the old dll with the new.

    FineCS will punish the clients if it have downloaded 4 chunks and never uploaded anything. His score will decrease if he don't upload never to us.

    The Argos Was ideated by David Xanatos and is 1 of the more complete antileecher. It use also the DLP libary. He can detect and punish:
    Nick thief - Mod thief - Hash thief - Credit hack - Hash changer - Ghost mods - Fake client - Aggressive client - File scanner - File faker - Bad sender - Rank flooder - Failed uploader - XS-Exploiter - Nick changer - Mod changer - NULL-Nick sender - Spammer - Suspect hello - Protocol violation.

    The S.N.A.F.U. is a very aggressive antileech, which analyzes our upload queque.
    This tool bans the leecher mod is largely based on identifying their specific tags.

    The Sivka ban you can ban aggressive client. You can ban if they reask you X times every Y minutes wich you can select.

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    massive tutorial, nice work there

    rep added
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    Better say some information about that. This is Full eMule guide. For other things ask here. Also for IRC, Proxy and other. I jumped something because are really simple or unseless to eMule if used for filesharing. In any case ask here for all !

    Bye guys

    PS: Now I'm working for explain bad features.
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