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Thread: Where to Invade Next (2015)

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    Where to Invade Next (2015)

    Genre: Documentary
    IMDb Rating: 7.5/10 (5,287 users)
    Director: Michael Moore
    Stars: Michael Moore, Krista Kiuru, Tim Walker

    Quote Originally Posted by imdb plot summary
    To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully "invades" them to see what they have to offer.

    conclusion: interestingly, did not expect to recommend a michael moore docu, but this one deserves it

    moral of the story: countries ought to learn from each other and implement sensible solutions to their common problems - if all would do so, all would achieve a similarly advanced level of development that just might be broad enough to fit all in a satisfactory way - this also means that countries would no longer be able nor interested in exploiting each other, but rather helping each other along the way - it is something the currently popular ideologies fail to accomplish - interestingly, in this sense the religious view is more advanced or wise and to the point in advising: 'love thy neighbor as thyself', which means helping him as you would help yourself, judging him as you would yourself, treating him as you would yourself,... avoiding any kind of hypocrisy in the process

    *** spoilers ahead ***

    *** introduction: ***

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines....they said to me..."We don't know what the fuck we're doing."
    They hadn't won a war outright since the big one, WWII.
    exactly, if they knew what they were doing (example: exploiting others means or results with exploitig yourself, action=-reaction), they'd stop any kind of obvious exploitative or dictatorial actions, as these end up hitting them back like a boomerang through some other means (which is why it is said that justice is slow but gets there eventually, or 'forgive them for they know not what they do')

    the ww2 was won due to a large alliance of like-mineded countries (read: unity), having a clear common goal in fighting against an enemy who exhibited negative traits like territorial and ideological conquest (which translates as exploitation and dictatorship)
    too bad the victors and their successors proved corrupt themselves and ended up displaying similar negative traits as their past opponents once did (nowadays visible as: global-scale exploitation, conquests, expansionism, greed and propaganda/lies)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    They <military leaders> regretted having wasted trillions of dollars and helping to create new groups like ISIS
    moore is dreaming again

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    They couldn't even get us the oil they promised us from Iraq
    there was no such promise

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    They felt embarrassed, humiliated
    and yet again

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    "You must stand down." For the foreseeable future, there are to be no invasions,
    finally some good advice

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    I will 'invade' countries populated by Caucasians <and learn from them>
    good advice, but don't forget to visit all other races and countries regardless of their development status or financial abilities

    on the negative side: seems moore is careful not to criticize ordinary soldiers (although they are clearly accessories), twists the iraqi war goals and thinks highly of the so-called white race and while the statement, not question, of 'where to invade next.' was displayed, the movie shows 'own people' as a hint at the expected answer and future events

    Quote Originally Posted by obama
    We will not hesitate to use our military might to defend our allies and our way of life.
    which also means that the system (of a country, corporation,... or a human) will not hesitate to attack anything they think as threatening to their current position - since their current position is obviously flawed, they actually actively fight against improving own flaws!

    also, they do not understand how their enemies are actually their allies, pointing out or showing what is wrong with each one of them and both of them - ie.

    your friends are there to help you
    your enemies are there to help you
    the world in its entirety (humans, animals, plants, matter) is there to help you
    everything that happens to you is there to help you

    so learn from it instead of just mindlessly fighting against any change to your current position

    *** moore 'invades' italy ***

    moore is surprised at the amount of (paid) holidays they get, compared to usa (average)

    what he missed noticing:
    - the cop is paid by the state, guaranteed income
    - his wife is middle or upper middle class, with a good job (in fashion)
    - the textile giant works mostly for overpriced brands in fashion, they can easily afford to pay more
    - is the same available for low-level jobs? probably not
    - what about slave labor abroad or low-pay labor of outsourced production?
    - how did those industrial giants get their (start-up) money in the first place? better don't ask, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by textile giant's upper-level staff
    i get a good <long> vacation, they <workers> should too
    fair enough

    Quote Originally Posted by ducati c.e.o.
    "There is no clash between the profit of the company and the well-being of the people."
    He explained that by paying a good wage with good benefits, the company still made a healthy profit.
    still a large brand/company, able to afford such conditions

    Quote Originally Posted by the italian wife
    We have just one life. That's the only one we have. And we have to enjoy it.
    in this body? yes
    enjoyment as 'THE goal of life'? i guess thats the best you can get from spiritually immature people
    also, all their happiness rests on having enough money to 'create' happy moments, whereas true happiness is not dependent on money (or any kind of materialistic item/object/event/sensation/energy/...) at all, it is purely spiritual

    *** moore 'invades' france ***

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    <ideas> we could steal...
    he means to 'copy', not 'steal', which somehow reminds of filesharing hehe

    a (not-so) funny moment was when moore tried to speak in funny-sounding french, yet the local children did not laugh but rather looked around for a hint at how they should react to this situation - an upbringing thing, school discipline or was it the cameras? though they did relax later on

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    learn to serve each other...
    and somehow they managed to catch two moments where white schoolchildren were served by black ones, coincidence?
    it could be intentional or even subconsciously unintentional (shows the truth of one's views even if one doesn't say them out loud)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Nobody drinks Coca-Cola?
    Quote Originally Posted by school kid
    It tastes good.
    good answer from the kid
    'tastes good' is not the same as 'is good' (for you), yeah?

    surprisingly good food even in the poorest of schools (they did not explain why a school would be the poorest), actually it seems they like to prepare restaurant-like food for the schoolchildren - could this be a way to pander to the children, boasting how the state makes more attractive food than their parents, basically securing a following (future voters) for state decisions in other areas as well (as in: the state gives us quality food, their laws must be of similar quality)?

    now, they explain all of it is covered by somewhat higher taxes, but no one mentioned where the food comes from, how was it manufactured, how well were the local workers paid for it, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    But the French aren't fighters, they're lovers.
    sure, and their predecessors were also colonialists, exploiting their colonies, a practice that did not end when those countries gained freedom/independence, on the contrary, it diversified and increased via a firm presence as trans-national or local (often owned by foreigners) companies and corporations, known as neo-colonialism

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    But where do you learn something like that? <passion and desire>
    and they show schools (sexual education), lol

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Yeah, but what about abstinence?
    Quote Originally Posted by school teacher
    Abstinence for us is not really a method of contraception
    wow, moore with a good question/answer in one and an ignorant answer by the teacher (read: the system) - abstinence not only doesn't sell/buy contraceptive products, it represents independence of such industrial products and teaches strength of character
    so perhaps if they practiced abstinence more, their predecessors could have abstained from invading all those foreign countries (instead they had 'passion and desire' for conquest, the poor fools)

    Quote Originally Posted by usa news-reporter
    abstinence doesn't seem to be working.
    certainly not for a hedonistic society or while the media keeps preaching hedonism
    they interpret being happy as 'doing whatever you want' (while obeying the laws of the country), whereas true happiness is doing only what you truly want (what your true self or your soul wants - and what does it truly want? self-realization, nothing more is needed because in that state-of-being, ALL is what you get, with no materialistic dependencies or limitations)

    so their gentle love-making may be more desirable than the animalistic forcefulness, but it has no higher goals than that

    and teen pregnancy rates are used as proof in favor of the french way, yet they forgot to check the number of failed marriages/relationships and the number of sexual partners that may show a flaw of the french way
    also, the american way of scaring the children is another example of a failed idea

    *** moore 'invades' finland ***

    seems their idea is to do no homework, less hours at school, less pressure and to ban?! (almost) all private schools,... to get better results than their fellow american counterparts

    from the video it seems they have a lot of practical experience and well-equipped schools for that, they learn exclusively european languages, etc. - i'm thinking they may be deficient in free-thinking, understanding life's difficulties, empathy, connection to non-european countries/peoples and naturally, the most relevant ingredient of all, spirituality - also, there was some statistics mentioning a high rate of depression and suicides in scandinavian countries

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    And by making the rich kids go to school with everyone else, they grow up with those other kids as friends.
    And when they become wealthy adults, they have to think twice before they screw them over.
    by spending time together they realize how all these childen aren't much different from themselves
    however, the rich here are not going to school with the poor, but rather with the middle or lower middle class (afaik due to the welfare programs, no one is really poor there unless he keeps spending all of it constantly)

    Quote Originally Posted by school
    sacred class rules:
    1. Respect others.
    2. Respect the school.
    3. Respect yourself.
    always in that order or in any order?
    are there cases that warrant a lack of respect? are there exceptions?

    Quote Originally Posted by school teacher
    You can really be whatever you want to be when you grow up, because they're making it happen already.
    are they really that free or is it only a more relaxed version of the same (the state making sure its way of rule is not questioned, the state offering the only thing they know of: materialistic answers)
    any sign of special spiritual enlightenment in or from scandinavia yet? didn't think so

    *** moore 'invades' slovenia, not slovakia ***

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Slovenia is one of dozens of countries where it is essentially free to go to university.
    it may be free to study but there are likely many additional costs (books, travel, rent while studying in a different city, bureaucracy fees,...) and you may need to pass the exam (perhaps also with better results than other applicants) in order to enter a university

    Quote Originally Posted by student activist
    A while back, the government of Slovenia decided it was time to start charging students tuition.
    That sent a shock wave through the country and the students responded.
    We organized a protest against that law. We spent nine months meeting with the minister for education, with the heads of the universities.
    We managed to delay the law long enough for the government to eventually collapse.
    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Here's what students do <protest> when the government tries to fleece them in countries like Canada, Germany, France, Finland, and Norway.
    nice to see them looking out for own interests, but did they protest with similar firmness against Slovenia/Canada/Germany/France/Finland/Norway sending troops aiding the nato forces in places like afghanistan? didn't think so

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    I asked for a meeting with the president of Slovenia. And, strangely enough, they gave me one.
    it is a smaller european country, you know
    funny thought regarding possible media headlines: 'slovenian president meets the champion of democracy, m. moore' hehe

    *** moore 'invades' germany ***

    same question as many times before:
    - what about slave labor abroad or low-pay labor of outsourced production inland and abroad? where they basically exploit foreigners to keep up their own standards of living - that is not a sign of success but rather of unethical practices (karma!) and a dependence on cheap(er) foreign workforce

    what about the german idea of a meaningfully spent free time, judging from the interviewed persons representing their middle class, having good jobs? lets see: resting, relationships, enjoying life,... and as expected, not a word regarding the most important thing: spirituality - no wonder they are another one of those countries where the majority doesn't have or doesn't bother to figure out an answer to their purpose in life in terms of higher (non-materialistic) goals

    Quote Originally Posted by mother/worker
    We have massage, gymnastics, then we go to the pool and we eat healthy.
    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    I don't understand why the government does this.
    Quote Originally Posted by mother/worker
    Because it's cheaper. In the long run, it's cheaper. Definitely. To prevent worse sickness.
    and there you have it: the so-called upper class and the government are slowly realizing or are slowly forced to realize how they can get better results by supporting better conditions for the so-called lower classes
    but make no mistake, their support is still very problematic, exploitative, cold, unwilling and loaded with hypocrisy - however, the unpredictable course of life will push this even further until they have to admit and realize how the best conditions for all are necessarily also the most ethical ones as well - that will be the lesson of the future for all nations and humans in general, as it slowly unfolds before our eyes - and once you realize what it means to be the most ethical and where the principle originates, you will be getting ready to go beyond materialism and tending to return to your spiritual origins

    Quote Originally Posted by mother/worker
    If everybody takes a little bit care of the neighbor, life is more easy for everyone.
    It's just common sense.
    nice one, but don't take it to extremes (neighbor keeps asking for care constantly, or defining your life only as care for others, or forcing care against someone's will, or thinking that your particular way is whats best for others, etc.), though there are always exceptions to any advice

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    One of the reasons that German workers have all this free time and other benefits is because they have power.
    moore is dreaming a little here

    Half of these <big company> boards are workers.
    which means that these workers think similarly to the former owners (the reason they got or were able to buy their share of the company) - in other words, these workers will also push the same or very similar exploitative moves just like their predecessors did, ie. try to continue unethical behavior - they may not be bad people per se, they simply learned what to do from previous generations and their current teachers, they do not have a better answer at the moment (until life teaches them one, that is)

    and of course, the documentary couldn't be complete without mentioning the worst german nightmare: the nazi regime

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Every day in Germany, in every school, they teach the young what their predecessors did.
    what do you think something like that does to an average person? how come other european countries do not have something similar, since many (if not all) of them had many periods of bloody and shameful past? an example (out of many) for usa: using atomic bombs on the civilians of 2 japanese cities, even while they were clearly winning the war (germany already surrendered a few months before the event)
    did you know that the germans may be punished by law if they dare publically question the official ww2 story? thats 'freedom' of speech for you, a hot potato that even our champion m. moore dares not touching, at least not in this docu (otherwise you can bet he'd no longer get significant financial support for his work)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Until 2015, the United States never had a museum of slavery.
    Why do we hide from our sins?
    these may be the sins of the fathers, but they are not of the children (even though they inherit it and the effects will influence all future events, until its karmic influence subsides)
    the only sensible thing here is to reveal the truth surrounding these events (which is supposed to be the job of historians, once they start including inconventient evidence as well, correcting what is known as 'history is written by the victors') and try to be wiser and more ethical than (some of) your predecessors did - accepting someone else's guilt or actions as your own is not wise, but neither is ignoring lessons from such historical events, regardless of whether they may be a part of your personal, family, country or human history

    interestingly, you'll notice americans mention slavery, native americans, women rights,... but not other things from a more recent history, as already mentioned above (hint: cannot tarnish ww2 victors even if it may be the truth!)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    If there's one thing we should steal from the Germans, it's the idea that if you acknowledge your dark side and make amends for it, you can free yourself to be a better people and to do well by others.
    sure, but for that to work you need only the truth and nothing but the truth, as the truth will set you free
    can you live a life of truth? can you lead by example? can you live a truly ethical/moral life? can you approach the ideal represented by saints and sages? can you do it even if the whole world around you recommends corruption, manipulation and exploitation in a shiny package as the recipe for happiness? do you desire the truth about your self or a conformist mainstream illusion?

    *** part 1of2 ***

    Parable of the Two Birds

    Two birds, beautiful of wings, close companions, cling to one common tree: of the two one eats the sweet fruit of that tree; the other eats not but watches his companion. The self is the bird that sits immersed on the common tree; but because he is not lord he is bewildered and has sorrow. But when he sees that other who is the Lord and the beloved, he knows that all is His greatness and his sorrow passes away from him...

    ...@ Paramatman

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    *** part 2of2 ***

    *** moore 'invades' portugal ***

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    this was May Day, a celebration of workers held all over the world.
    and before that it was a pagan/christian celebration, though likely with similar themes (world tree, connection to the top, aiming at the sky, unity, dancing around the center, rest from work, thinking about spiritual themes for a change, etc.)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    It's my understanding that you don't arrest people for using drugs anymore.
    No? Heroin? Pot? Meth? Pills? Nothing?
    another hint that freedom of choice works better than forbiddance or punishment, at least in peaceful or more relaxed times/countries or regarding the majority of citizens in our era - however, their attitude may change quickly when it gets tested by things like t3rrorist threats, war, poverty, crises, or the like

    a healthy society has a minimum of prohibitive laws and a minimum of interest in serious deviations... in all times or circumstances - for they know what they do, yeah? (as opposed to: they know not what they do)
    the most healthy society has no prohibitive laws and no interest in serious deviations since all needs/desires are pure and all are completely satisfied, which is basically a materialistic ideal (or a spiritual truth/reality if you will)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    What drugs do you use?
    Quote Originally Posted by 'drug czar' nuno, ministry of health
    Well, mostly alcohol, Internet, a lot of coffee, some sugar, sex, occasionally.
    Well, a lot of things that make me feel good.
    well said

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    <usa prison labor used for> the software you're using to watch the pirated copy of this movie
    wait, prisoners did the software or perhaps only the packaging of non-digital copies?
    also, learn something about filesharing and agreements (they go both ways)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    It's one of many companies that have used 21st century slaves. <usa prison labor>
    It was an act of pure, mad genius.
    its answering simple (unethical) questions: 'what else is there that we could exploit' or 'how can we exploit this even more than it is being done today'

    Quote Originally Posted by nuno's recipe
    decriminalize drug usage
    increase the accessibility to treatment.
    less for drug czars (but they gain legality), more for big pharma? life on support for the users
    there was also this thing called abstinence mentioned earlier, but i guess it is not very profitable for the major parties/interests involved, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by cop advising usa colleagues
    human dignity is above all
    the death penalty is against that dignity
    we'll see about that dignity when you're sent to handle (more violent) protests and riots, yeah?
    as for the death penalty: a killer chose to take a life - the system decided to do the same - both were not acting out of a life threatening situation, so how is the system better than the killer?

    *** moore 'invades' norway's prison(s) ***

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    Warden, where's the punishment?
    Quote Originally Posted by warden
    The main idea is we're just supposed to take away their freedom.
    That's the only punishment we're actually giving them.
    They miss their family, they miss their friends.
    they will also feel that we're trying to help them back to the same society.

    the american founding fathers wrote: no cruel and unusual punishment
    yet in usa & co. many would be eager to take their life (death penalty), dreaming of revenge and some shallow idea of justice
    remember action=reaction? as soon as the killer kills (action), there is an equal reaction affecting all the rest and returning to the killer in equal and opposite amount (what was probably meant by 'eye for an eye' - he gets exactly as much as he caused, no more and no less, and a general balance is preserved) - it is silly to think that personal revenge would be able to keep the balance in this way (he who does revenge is also a subject to the reaction effect of his actions)

    so on more than one occasion we hear that the involved ideas were actually originating from usa, though americans simply did not recognize their usefulness, so it seems that sometimes it takes a lot of time for someone to accept or realize that his previous views were flawed or not quite advanced as previously thought of

    oh, wait for the quote by the norvegian killer:

    Quote Originally Posted by killer
    we have to show more love and affection for each other, to take care of each other in another way. This is the way.
    remember that 'love thy neighbor' thing?
    can you accept wisdom, even if spoken by a norvegian killer?

    *** moore 'invades' tunisia ***

    Quote Originally Posted by doctor
    government-funded abortion
    pills, condoms,...
    doctors... curing or simply prescribing more drugs/medication?
    funny, just a few minutes later a woman talks about the time she was pregnant and choosing life (but in another context)

    eventually both women and men want control over their own lives.
    its not them who currently have control, its their needs and desires, their idea of themselves, of what they are, their ego
    the situations they get in are connected to those ideas (another action-reaction example), their behavior reflects those ideas, they experience the results and then ask for something else instead, as none of it seems to fulfill their expectations, there is always something missing, but that is the key problem with the materialistic world: it cannot give that which the soul longs for, in this sense it can only serve to show what conditioned/limited existence looks like, whereas the soul seeks that which is unlimited

    Quote Originally Posted by local journalist
    i was proud my babies were born free, free citizens, proud to be tunisian
    free from one dictator, but how will they recognize or avoid or deal with the next one (the european union is checking out tunisia as well)?

    Quote Originally Posted by local protester
    women are complete, women are not complements
    if they were complete, they wouldn't need anything from the materialistic world, it would be the other way around, the world would need them to inhabit it and play their role on the world's stage
    oh wait... both statements are true even if seemingly contradictory!
    how? they are indeed complete (as souls), but their life on earth is that of an incomplete knowledge of themselves (the role that evolves through life)

    funny how those tunisian politicians did not care about women rights until women seriously hit the streets and demanded them
    yet the interviewed politician made a lapsus when he admitted that he tells (not 'asks' or 'suggests') his wife to cover her head - so much about equal opportunities behind closed doors
    why not sooner? the time was not right, as it is said: 'all in good time' - it simply speaks of their society not being ready for such a step until now

    Quote Originally Posted by politician
    there is not one particular interpretation of islam. we all interpret it in our own way because we are all different
    fair enough
    however, only a proper interpretation of islam allows for its true purpose to shine through: as a way towards spiritual enlightenment - the same applies to all major/serious religions of the world, in this sense they all have the same purpose

    also, seems life keeps reminding them that their interpretation needs a number of improvements

    Quote Originally Posted by local journalist
    americans are lucky, they belong to the strongest country in the world
    strength in the hands of the ignorant is strength wasted
    the wise only need to look for true strength in the origin/core/heart of their own being, more is not needed...ever

    Quote Originally Posted by local journalist to americans
    what do you know about tunisian, estonian, zimbabwean,... culture?
    they are all similar to each other and underneath all of it have very similar needs and desires...and illusions...and solutions to their illusions, yeah?

    *** moore 'invades' iceland ***

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    because when women don't work, nothing works.
    hehe, when half of the population doesn't work, roughly half of the things they usually operate or do doesn't work

    Quote Originally Posted by interviewer
    Men in charge.
    Men in control.
    Men making the decisions, calling the shots politically, economically, socially, and personally.
    nonsense, on one hand men wouldn't be able to continue unless women supported them or their decisions and on the other, strong/active women always had a large amount of influence or decision-making abilities wherever they thought necessary (no different than men of similar attitude)

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    it was clear that where women had power and were true equals, people were simply better off.
    only if women don't copy the male approach to issues and if they retain a healthy dosage of common sense and if they are not too corrupt, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by the mayor of reykjavik
    Oh, it is a law.
    I cannot say that this brand of coffee is the best brand of coffee.
    so trampling over freedom of speech is considered a success?
    also, didn't he just break the law by naming his party 'the best party'?
    maybe he was just joking as the guy is a local comedian... turned mayor

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    In Iceland, nearly 70 bankers and hedge fund managers were prosecuted, with many of them sent to prison.
    any multi-national banks among them?
    were they perhaps used a scapegoats for white-washing bad loans and the like?

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    You structure yourself with "we" in mind and we structure ourselves with "me" in mind.
    balance (between the two opposites) ftw

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    If the world can be saved, it will be women that do that.
    that would depend on their spiritual purity, yet it seems there are very few women with such qualities around
    another interesting thing is how women are not that prominent in world religions, which may speak of their lack of interest in non-material things

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    And they do not do it with war; they do it with words.
    sometimes war is neded as well, not all can be achieved with mere words (unless we're talking about 'The Word' hehe)

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    When the men on Earth open up to how women see things and add it to their way of seeing things, then we get a better world.
    yes, but she naturally forgot to add: 'and vice versa'

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    I wouldn't want to live in the States, even though you paid me.
    Because there's-- the society and the way that you treat people, the way that you treat your neighbors.
    I would never want to be your neighbor.
    Never, ever.
    remember, the american people are not that different from your own - and if they chose a path of wrongdoing, it will take time to realize the error and to get back on track
    the icelandic people have not been born nor raised smarter, they were simply fortunate enough not to go through some of the things the americans had to go through (ie. they had a different role to play) - this may be seen as an american sacrifice to teach the world a lesson (on what happens if certain misinformed decisions are made)
    both have a great deal to learn from each other
    and both will still experience many problems before they can be more sure of their worthiness or spiritual purity achieved/realized

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    How can you, in a way, come home and feel well if you know there are so many people that can't eat,
    they're sick, they can't go to the doctor's, they can't get any education?
    How can you come home and feel okay with that? I couldn't.
    how can you come home and feel okay with what happens outside of iceland, since the rest of the world is your family as well?

    Quote Originally Posted by female activist
    You shouldn't feel okay with it.
    notice how she is pushing her view as something that others should be having? is that a hint that female c.e.o.'s would use the repressive apparatus at their disposal just as one-sided as their male counterparts?

    whereas in another interpretation, you could:
    1. feel okay with it (since there is a deeper purpose to it)
    2. still do what you think that needs to be done about it (help out as you consider appropriate)

    the female activist does not understand the first point, so we can only hope she does something about the second one


    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    the berlin wall...
    represents the barrier between two sides of a duality: war-peace, male-female, you and your perceived enemy,... - would you say the germans lived a more satisfied life with or without the wall?

    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    I was like, "Oh, I get it.
    Anything can happen."
    he is getting the hang of it, eh?
    yes, anything is possible, but is it probable?
    lets repeat that one again: in terms of omnipotence: anything is possible, but is it probable?

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard of oz movie
    Oh, will you help me? Can you help me?
    You don't need to be helped any longer.
    You've always had the power to go back to Kansas.
    Quote Originally Posted by moore
    And so have we.
    We've always had it.
    Kansas, anyone?
    so what does this kansas represent? your true home, your spiritual origins and a return to them, its where you belong (after completing this life's journey or journeys - another reason why it is fine to feel okay with it)


    source used for the review:

    we all know about the way usa & co. trampled all over native amerian peoples, which may be seen as a curse that will karmically influence them and their progeny for a long time
    a bit more on the european and american colonialist past, responsible for a large chunk of their current wealth:

    Spoiler European empires in 1914, source: wikipedia:

    British colonies and protectorates

    Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
    Ascension Island
    Australian Antarctic Territory
    Christmas Island
    Cocos Islands
    Norfolk Island
    British Antarctic Territory
    British East Africa
    British Guiana
    British Honduras
    British Hong Kong
    British Leeward Islands
    British Virgin Islands
    British Malaya
    British Somaliland
    British Western Pacific Territories
    British Solomon Islands
    Gilbert and Ellice Islands
    Phoenix Islands
    Pitcairn Islands
    New Hebrides (condominium with France)
    Union Islands
    British Windward Islands
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Cyprus (including Akrotiri and Dhekelia)
    Falkland Islands
    Gold Coast
    India (including what is today Pakistan and Bangladesh)
    Heard Island and McDonald Islands
    Muscat and Oman
    New Zealand
    Cook Islands
    Ross Dependency
    North Borneo
    Northern Rhodesia
    Sierra Leone
    Southern Rhodesia
    St. Helena
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Trucial States
    South Africa

    French colonies

    Clipperton Island
    Comoros Islands (including Mayotte)
    French Guiana
    French Equatorial Africa
    French Congo
    French India (Pondichéry, Chandernagor, Karikal, Mahé and Yanaon)
    French Indochina
    French Polynesia
    French Somaliland
    French Southern and Antarctic Lands
    French West Africa
    Ivory Coast
    French Sudan
    Upper Volta
    Saint Barthélemy
    Saint Martin
    La Réunion
    French Morocco
    New Caledonia
    Shanghai French Concession (similar concessions in Kouang-Tchéou-Wan, Tientsin, Hankéou)
    New Hebrides(Condominium with Britain)

    Russian colonies and protectorates
    European Russia
    Aland Islands
    Baltic provinces
    Grand Principality of Finland
    Dnieper Ukraine
    East Karelia
    Mari El
    Russian Poland
    Asiatic Russia
    Emirate of Bukhara
    Georgia (including Mengrelia)
    Khanate of Khiva
    Outer Manchuria
    Russian Turkestan
    Tannu Uriankhai

    German colonies

    Caroline Islands
    German New Guinea
    German East Africa
    German South West Africa
    Gilbert Islands
    Mariana Islands
    Marshall Islands

    Italian colonies and protectorates

    Italian Libya
    Italian Eritrea
    Italian Somaliland
    Italian Aegean Islands
    Italian Concession of Tientsin

    Dutch colonies

    Curaçao and Dependencies
    Sint Eustatius and Dependencies

    Sint Eustatius
    Sint Maarten

    Dutch East Indies

    Dutch New Guinea

    Portuguese colonies

    Portuguese Africa
    Portuguese Angola
    Portuguese Cape Verde
    Portuguese Guinea
    Portuguese Mozambique
    Portuguese Sao Tomé and Príncipe
    Fort of Sao Joao Baptista de Ajudá
    Portuguese Asia
    Portuguese India
    Portuguese Macau
    Portuguese Oceania
    Portuguese Timor

    Spanish colonies

    Cape Juby
    Rio de Oro
    Saguia el-Hamra
    Spanish Guinea
    Fernando Pó
    Rio Muni
    Spanish Morocco

    Austro-Hungarian colonies

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Danish colonies

    Danish West Indies
    Faroe islands

    Belgian colonies

    Belgian Congo

    United States colonies and protectorates

    American Samoa
    Palmyra Atoll
    Panama Canal Zone
    Puerto Rico
    Sultanate of Sulu
    Wake Island

    Ottoman colonies

    Baghdad Vilayet


    Japanese colonies

    Bonin Islands

    Kuril Islands
    Kwantung Leased Territory
    Ryukyu Domain (including Senkaku Islands)
    Volcano Islands

    Parable of the Two Birds

    Two birds, beautiful of wings, close companions, cling to one common tree: of the two one eats the sweet fruit of that tree; the other eats not but watches his companion. The self is the bird that sits immersed on the common tree; but because he is not lord he is bewildered and has sorrow. But when he sees that other who is the Lord and the beloved, he knows that all is His greatness and his sorrow passes away from him...

    ...@ Paramatman

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