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Thread: Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Yemen weighs rehabilitation issue

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    Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Yemen weighs rehabilitation issue

    i was watching this vid on AJE and I couldn't help but think of how Prez Obama said earlier that he want's to close the jail in Cuba.

    check this out:

    Yemen is struggling with the possible release of the largest group of detainees at the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
    and a lot of those detainess don't even have anything to do with terrorism. They are just suspected of involvement in that.

    So those same detainees suffer what-ever humiliating punishments they get from persons from the CIA who interrogate them, threaten them....and so on ...and so on....
    Even threaten their families, I wouldn't be surprised.

    It's not uncommon for family members to be threatened to be harmed if the person who's being interrogated, doesn't give information that others want from him.

    Do you think it's ethical for that kind of behavior??

    Would you want to have the crap scared out of you so bad that your threatened with harm to your family??
    Maybe it doesn't affect you now b/c your in front of your computer and it's all happening to somebody else instead. Not you.

    anyways...on to other things..

    ....The US has cautioned that if Yemen does not build a rehabilitation centre where former detainees can be coached to abandon all forms of radical ideology, it will transfer the men to Saudi Arabia, something Yemen strongly disagrees with....
    I can see the logic of that.

    Saudi Arabia is known for it's human rights abuses.
    That's a known fact.

    It's also a known fact that it's a place of torture for prisoners from Cuba to be sent to for further interrogation if the CIA, FBI, and what-ever other organization is in the States that does interrogation, and can't get enough info out of the prisoners.

    So they send them to places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other lands for interrogation and human rights abuses like 'waterboarding', 'silent noise', and other torture techniques that have been refined and used for interrogation.

    No wonder Yemen doesn't like that idea.

    .....Barack Obama, the US president, pledged in his first executive order last January to close the infamous prison within a year's time.
    I guess he didn't pledge to honor to stop human right's violations. Did he??

    Here's the link:

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    well, like we discussed earlier, moving the prisoners from guantanamo to other facilities is one way to shut it down and still be in control of the prisoners

    imo the real reason why the usa is keeping those prisoners isn't because they might extract some valuable information (since torture doesn't work on properly trained agents and others probably don't have any significant information anyways) but to show off their power (to the middle-eastern extremists) or to reassure the world there is a terrorist threat (see, we caught ourselves some dangerous terrorists) or use the prisoners as possible leverage or even for trading if their own agents get caught

    .The US has cautioned that if Yemen does not build a rehabilitation centre where former detainees can be coached to abandon all forms of radical ideology, it will transfer the men to Saudi Arabia, something Yemen strongly disagrees with..
    whatever, rehab centers with coaching as if that helped anyone, especially to attempt changing extremist views (if the extremist is smarter than the coaches he will make them believe the treatment was a success or there is a possibility he would turn to an extremist on the other side - against his former friends), its most likely a cover-up to continue their imprisonment (with possible/probable torture)
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