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Thread: RockBox - Heavy Metal-Tracker

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    RockBox - Heavy Metal-Tracker

    Hey Guys and Metal Fans, I'll present a new Review of a Metal Tracker. The choice of Music and Video's are good and varied.
    The sign up is open but I don't know how long, I'll start my review (that's better than my bad english)

    URL: RockBox - Index

    Server is hostet in:

    but the server is hostet in Netherlands but the nationality of domain is in the UK

    Sign up








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    I think it's enough, you make a visit to Rockbox and tell us your opinion about the tracker, I wish a lot of good files and good metal and more.

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    The sign up is open but I don't know how long
    afaik they do it all the time, so getting in shouldn't be a problem

    haven't been checking lately, but they had/have a very good bonus system with which one can reach TB's of upload quite quickly, which is also why i haven't even tried cheating there - they could be viewed as a semi-private tracker (à la demonoid) that probably has either very crude or no anti-cheating scripts at all

    also, leechers appear all the time on various files which makes ordinary seeding a breeze, however the download speeds can be very low, akin to low-seeded public torrents

    anyways, its a recommended tracker for metal (and related) music
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    the server is hostet in Netherlands but the nationality of domain is in the UK
    Has oink started himself a new website? If not they better watch out cos Interpol might open a can of whoopass on them too.
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