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22.02.09, 21:45
SB-Innovation Presents

>>>>>> BitComet 1.09 Extra Mods <<<<<<

Coded by:

>>>>>> BitComet Development Group <<<<<<

Modded by:

>>>>>> anon <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:


-removed advertising
-cleaned code from some auto connected HTTP sites
-changed some parts to show SB-Innovation
-linked some buttons to our forum

Leecher Mods:






-Ignoriert die "Private Flag" und lässt euch DHT und PEX für private Torrents aktivieren.
(Verwendet diese Option nur wenn ihr wisst was ihr tut)

No Complete
-Es wird kein Fertiggestellt Status gesendet dadurch entsteht kein Snatchlist Eintrag.

Multi 11x
-Der reale Upload wird mit 11 multipliziert.
-Es ist empfohlen in auf ≤9KB/s zu beschränken.

Multi 111x
-Der reale Upload wird mit 111 multipliziert.
-Es ist empfohlen in auf ≤2KB/s zu beschränken.

-Euer Download und Upload auf dem Tracker wird nicht gezählt.
-Es werden keine aktiven Torrents in eurem Profil angezeigt.
-Funktioniert leider nicht auf allen Seiten.


-Ignores the private flag, letting you enable DHT and PEX for private torrents.
(Only use it if you know what you're doing)

No Complete
-You don't send the completed flag to the tracker.
-There is no snatchlist entry.

Multi 11x
-Your real upload is multiplied by 11.
-I recommend you limit it to ≤9kB/s.

Multi 111x
-Your real upload is multiplied by 111.
-I recommend you limit it to ≤2kB/s.

-Your upload and download aren't reported to the tracker.
-You are also not shown in the peerlist.
-Unfortunately it doesn't work on all trackers.

You need to extract the EXEs to the same folder as Butcho's BitComet 1.09 SBI Leecher Pack (http://www.sb-innovation.de/f42/bitcomet-1-09-sbi-leecherpack-8802/) for them to work correctly!

These are my first attempts at making Multi and Stealth mods, please post feedback!

Ihr müsst die EXE Dateien in den selben Ordner extrahieren wie Butcho's BitComet 1.09 SBI Leecher Pack (http://www.sb-innovation.de/f42/bitcomet-1-09-sbi-leecherpack-8802/) um sicherzugehen dass sie perfekt funktionieren!

Das sind meine ersten Versuche mit Multi und Stealth Mods, bitte Feedback posten!



23.02.09, 06:52
Thanks anon.:top:
Can you make a Bitspirit Multi 111x mod?:wink:

23.02.09, 16:45
Can you make a Bitspirit Multi 111x mod?:wink:

Butcho and I have tried, but it doesn't seem to be possible. :frown:

24.02.09, 01:45
BitSpirit's coder knows we make leecher mod on his software, so he added some "extra protection" in Bitspirit. :confused2:

24.02.09, 17:43
That'd explain it. But you can always use Ratio Faker (http://www.sb-innovation.de/f46/ratio-faker-0-9-2-a-9354/) to add an upload multiplier to any client with proxy support. Just go to Options -> Preferences -> Proxy & NAT Traversal, click on Add, and fill the window that'll appear with the following details:

Name: Ratio Faker
Port: 8282 (or whatever other you've specified on RF)
Timeout: 60 sec.
[ ] Let the proxy resolve host name
[X] Use proxy for tracker/announce only
Proxy type: (•) HTTP GET

Then click on OK. If you add a torrent and go to the "Extensions & Proxy" tab, you'll see the "Ratio Faker" one already enabled. Start it and watch the RF log view fill up with info. :biggrin:

You need to of course keep Ratio Faker running in the background as long as you're downloading or seeding in BitSpirit.

23.03.09, 17:31
-DHT-Patch what is this? can someone explain me please :smile:

23.03.09, 17:59
It ignores the private flag, letting you enable DHT, PEX and the eMule plugin for private tracker torrents. Again, don't use it unless you know what you're doing.