View Full Version : cannot open rapid uploader

24.10.08, 16:36
hi when i double click rapiduploader it is not opening to open rapid upload i have to got to rapidshare website again to download and open it pls someone help me pls

it is happening from today morning onwards before it had worked perfectly

the problem is when i try to open rapidupload nothing happens

if i download it it works
when i close it i have to download the program again

24.10.08, 18:57
Save the program to a folder instead of opening it from RS.

24.10.08, 19:00
i heard about this problem. this should be a problem with rapid manager i remember. think its becouse of an old versiond and they will release a new version.

Mfg Dagon

24.10.08, 19:05
yes it is in folder when i try to open it nothing happens so i have to download new file again

24.10.08, 19:09
Mmm, I see, that's weird.

I don't have that issue here. Maybe you can try going to C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch and deleting all RAPIDUPLOADER.EXE-*.pf files. Same for history.dat and settings.ini.