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15.10.08, 08:05
REally cool website with a really good technology whtn it comes to sending emails. Apparantly, one can use this tech with thier current email client {if I'm reading this correctly}.

Check this out:

Our unique “Edit Sent Mail” feature allows you to recall, erase, add or delete attachments and self-destruct your emails after they have been sent.

Here's the URL;


Very handy, I think.

I think that I'll reconsider installing Thunderbird some time soon and have a further read on this website here.

EDIT: I forgot:


I think this is the place to sign up for an account with bigstring.

15.10.08, 23:07
Thanks, just tried it. It uses a web-bug to track messages:

<img src="http://recallable.bigstring.com/Tepq******4104233.gif" alt="" width="0" height="0">
So you won't be able to track messages if your recipient uses an e-mail service and/or client that blocks them (like FastMail.fm, or seemingly, Opera).

To "destroy" already sent mail, it relies on the message's body being called from the recipient's computer to their servers; this way they can effectively destroy it when the specified amount of views and/or time is hit.

16.10.08, 18:49
Sounds a very good secured Email service...so let me check that out :top: