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19.09.08, 11:09
Release: Q4 2008

While it's still the best-playing football game on the market, there's no doubt that last year's Pro Evolution Soccer disappointed many fans of the series. Unimpressive visuals, annoying gameplay tweaks, and a myriad of bugs (particularly on the PlayStation 3) saw the game slip dangerously close to relegation. However, Konami has gone on record saying that this year's iteration will fix the problems with last year's game, taking more advantage of current-generation technology while restoring the gameplay to its former glory. We got a chance to play the game for the first time to see if its promises look set to be delivered upon with the 2009 version.

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source http://www.gamespot.com/pc/sports/pes2009/news.html?sid=6196276&mode=previews


19.09.08, 14:30
I only play it on PS2, so I hope it's better than 08.

19.09.08, 15:15
This year is Fifa09 again better then PES. The last year was the PES release the worst version that iīve ever played...

This year i will only play fifa, perhaps i buy me the original, then i can play online, thatīs more fun. :smile:

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19.09.08, 17:13
No way FIFA is better then PES!:baeh:FIFA is for amateurs,you can give with one player 20 goals.PES is more realistic and has way more strategie options.I played FIFA before but then i moved to PES because it is far more better then FIFA.And player movement in PES is more realistic then players from FIFA.In FIFA players are like Supermens:stupid:

19.09.08, 18:50
i hope that PES 2009 will be better

i can't say how much 2008 sucks ass :mad2:
It once even crashed my Graphics card (i almost had to throw my card away...)
Random freezes, slow, bad graphics and the list goes on

And FIFA is no solution ;)

20.09.08, 01:23
Didn't like the new FIFA,instead I like to play the Winning 11 since you can do combos easily there

20.09.08, 16:37
I see I'm not the only one who thinks PES 08 sucked :biggrin:

26.09.08, 10:16
pes 07 and 08 is almost same...

01.10.08, 18:40
hmm,yeah they just change the players character details every time a new release is intetionally made,still the crowds in stadium look like "WTF this SUX" !! that's why I stopped playing soccer games for a while now :biggrin:

31.01.09, 12:45
this year fifa is best....pes is nice!

01.02.09, 04:03
i think fifa is still better than PES
for me fifa has always been the first choice

09.02.09, 10:52
Fifa is always my favourite football game.