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15.09.08, 23:48
One day before the Campions League is starting is our new bet game online. The Champions League Game! Now you can bet every game from the CL, it looks and uses like the European Bet Game. :smile: Of course you can win prices, but this we announce later. :wink:
At the moment isnīt no english version of the game available, sorry for this but we havenīt enough time to translate it. In the next days we change the german phrases to english for our international users. :smile:
To visit the game you can use the link in the navbar or this direct link: http://www.sb-innovation.de/cl.php

We hope you enjoy and bet in our new game. :top:

Feedback you can leave here --> http://www.sb-innovation.de/f134/feedback-champions-league-bet-game-5650/

Have fun and good luck,