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13.09.08, 12:07
Release Date: Nov 11, 2008

With Call of Duty: World at War, developer Treyarch is aiming to bring the series back to its old stomping grounds while simultaneously venturing into unfamiliar territory. In addition to exploring the frequently overlooked Pacific Theatre, World at War will be the first in the series to offer co-op gameplay. It's a feature that will support up to four players online and two-player split-screen offline. We recently had the opportunity to see how this addition to the series is coming together by taking a spin through one Pacific level and one Berlin level.

Our most recent look at World at War began where the game does, during an escape from Japanese captors on the Makin Atoll. As the game's introductory level, this one had the player going on a tense hike through darkened jungles where guerrilla Japanese soldiers would frequently pop up from unexpected hiding spots. This time around, we got to see a very different chapter from later in the game. Based on the Battle of Peleliu, the Pacific battle with the highest casualty rate from the entire war, this level features a massive fight complete with tanks, autocannons, and more than a few inappropriate uses of the flamethrower courtesy of our first gleeful hands-on session with the game.

YouTube - Call of Duty: World at War Trailer (HD)

16.09.08, 04:49
Well,I saw that trailer,the storyline looks awesome,also the little chatacters details sounds decent,I just want to test it out once it gets released

30.11.08, 09:21
yes this is a good game, but i dono if better the cod4 :)

23.12.08, 18:33
cod5 add co-play mode in multiplayer , nice work

but cod4 is better in scenario

24.12.08, 05:04
COD is a good game. so is the killzone and Gears of war.

26.12.08, 18:22
the game is very good but I liked COD 4 more because of the scenario. Performance is excellent on a GF 9800 GX2 BTW.


27.12.08, 22:41
CODWAW for online is nice but right now my favorite is Left4Dead

and i'm still playing HL2 with my friends

28.12.08, 10:17

Left4Daed is my favorite online game as well at the moment. The team oriented gameplay is just awesome.


28.12.08, 10:52
men i even buy oryginal cod 4 but WaW is piece of crapp but next cod will be developed by InfinityWard and i must have it :D Moder Warfare 2 :D

28.12.08, 16:02
cod is the best :wink:

28.12.08, 18:23

I would really like to know why you think COD5 is so terrible? I like 4 better because of the scenario but that does not make COD5 a bad game.


04.01.09, 02:29
i love the online multi-player . maybe i set up a server soon , but i have to shut down my server for cod-4 modern warfare

13.01.09, 15:10
I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of WWII games, no matter if European or Pacific fronts... I thought that from COD4 we would finally stay in modern warfare, but here we go again in WWII... sucks!

19.01.09, 01:29
man i got this game for wii!! soo sweet althoguht i think its too short..beat it in like 5 hours on medium

24.01.09, 12:59
I play alot of COD online and i can now tell that COD4 is way better then COD5,i mean in multiplayer.COD5 is way to slow and its hard to get use to old weapons again.

01.02.09, 14:19
hi, for me cod4 world at wars is best game of the series call of duty i have fry cod 5 but the the game play of cod4 is really incredible

01.02.09, 15:02
hei.. cod5 is for ps3?

01.02.09, 16:46
And other platforms as well.

02.02.09, 00:58
I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of WWII games, no matter if European or Pacific fronts... I thought that from COD4 we would finally stay in modern warfare, but here we go again in WWII... sucks!

Yeah,it's true ... but not every WWII games would give you the awesome feeling & experience of WWII games like COD series did/still doing! so I guess this is a good reason to play it!

03.03.09, 11:49
I think Itīs best WWII shooter at the moment! rally liked it!

01.04.09, 23:23
Anyone here gave some REAL efforts at Nazi Zombies? When alone I can go no further than Level 10, even in teams of 4 we maxed out at around 30. Freaking flanking, glowing-eyed corpses.... At least the cartoon-ish Ray Gun's hilarious though :P

*Pew!* *Pew!* *Pew!*

05.04.09, 04:12
superb game but damn small campaign i completed the campaign in a day or two
they need to work more to make campaign more eloborate it feels frustrated just when u get interested the game ends hehehe
kinda heart breaking
but great graphics must play game

23.04.09, 03:31
this game kicks ass still been playing on on second prestige. if you got xbox 360 hit me a pm for gamertag