View Full Version : Google Chrome blocked & new movie review tag

09.09.08, 17:47
From now on is the Browser "Chrome" completly banned from our website. This has serveral reasons. The main reasons are the missing security on this browser and the unique ID, for every chrome install. Chrome is sending every time datas to google from the user. Please use another browser.

The second news is, that we have a movie review tag now. You can use it for movies.

This are the steps to use the movie tag:

Click the movie review button:


Then write the movie review points in it (you can use numbers from 1-10) and seperate it with a slash:


The following four points you can review, in the same order you must write the tag numbers:


And at least only the code of the tag:

Itīs very easy, try it and you will see. :wink:

Feedback here: http://www.sb-innovation.de/f134/feedback-google-chrome-bann-new-movie-review-tag-5527/

best regards,