View Full Version : Credit problem

27.08.08, 22:49
After I posted "How to reduce memory usage of Azureus" in the English faq section I have not received any credits for any thank you I have got after I posted it.
Maybe I had this problem even before posting it in the English faq section, but it didn't noticed me until then.

28.08.08, 00:37
Have i you right understand that you think that you earn for any "Thank you" credits? For received "Thanks" you donīt get any credits. Only for posts, threads and received reputations.

btw. The credit system is at the moment inactive, you donīt need credits. Why itīs important for you? :wink:



28.08.08, 17:34
Sorry I tough that you received credits for thanks.
The credits doesn't really matter to me, but I wanted to report it as a bug.
Maybe because of the sentence build It looked like that.

Thanks for you help