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24.08.08, 19:40
<@c4eva> the end is near for lite-on! <@c4eva> almost there! <@c4eva> i am not kidding > > >
I think everyone who is a bit interested in X360 modding knows who c4eva is. :wink:

24.08.08, 20:00
It's nice to see that the xbox360 have a base of crackers/modders that will try to crack the newest version.
Still waiting to see when that happens for the ps3.

24.08.08, 20:00
it will be interesting about the solution if it will be something with soldering or still software flash

25.08.08, 01:54
Goodbye unbreakable Lite-On. :biggrin:

<+c4eva> dvdkey extraction successful on liteon, key update/write to any drive successful(liteon included), work continues to dump/write fw
Key extraction working, first tool to receive the key available.



Architect's Plans



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25.08.08, 22:23
hm what is this hardware something like a external programmer?

25.08.08, 22:36
What do you mean?

25.08.08, 23:12
I think hitman means Is the hardware used to re- program the chips.

25.08.08, 23:20
yes i mean the board with the serial port i hope they will build a user friendly way

25.08.08, 23:48
I'm not very deep into the Lite-On hacking.

But AFAIK you can't use the Lite-On to play backups.
You can only read the required data to use another, flashable, drives and spoof a Lite-On identification to your console
(Not sure if this is right!)

For further information see XBoxHacker (http://www.xboxhacker.net/).

25.08.08, 23:56
good to know that know you can atleast use older drives... know im waiting for the new 360 version with smaller gpu core

26.08.08, 03:14
LOL didn't know that there is already an xbox hacking mods that can actually plays with the inside chips !! but according to shoulder's pix,I guess they are just injecting negative/posivtive electrical signals inside the main board (old school ways of reversing a coded chip just to crack it)

26.08.08, 12:24
The construction on the pics is only a temporary action.

This is only to retrieve the DVDkey of the Lite-On drive.
Then you have to flash this key on another, flashable, drive to spoof a Lite-On identification to the console.
After you installed the new drive into your X360 you don't need the chips and wires anymore.

26.08.08, 19:15
After you installed the new drive into your X360 you don't need the chips and wires anymore.

then would the electrical progamming cycle goes on without those wires ?

26.08.08, 20:06
What exactly do you mean?

To flash the other drive you need also wires.
But when the drive is flashed and installed in your console you don't need them anymore to play backups.

26.08.08, 20:43
What exactly do you mean?

I meant that when flashing the old parts,they just unplug all the wires (which I couldn't imagine that could happen) to reboot the device

26.08.08, 20:47
When the drive is flashed just unplug it and install it in the console.

26.08.08, 23:49
When the drive is flashed just unplug it and install it in the console.

that sounds fishy shoulder,thanks for the info anyway :top:

23.12.08, 10:51
Great new Ixtreme 1.5 firmware is available and it support lite-on

Support for Liteon DG-16D2S unhackable drive ----> Support du Lite on rolleyes.gif
Flash from Windows with new Jungleflasher GUI ----> Flash depuis Windows via le nouveau JungleFlasher
Smart Inquiry cdb for enhanced spoofing - Liteon
Enhanced c/r timing - all drives ----> Amélioration c/r Timing
Enhanced disc jitter - all drives ----> Amelioration Disc Jitter
Enhanced spoofing support for Liteon - Samsung and Benq ----> Amélioration du Spoof pour tous les lecteurs
Enhanced bad angle support - all drives ----> Amélioration du support du "bad angle"
Secret Liteon MS Inquiry cdb support - Samsung and Benq
Half Open tray on powerup for Windows inquiry/flash mode - all drives
Disc lock/unlock cdb - Liteon Windows mode
Drive key+serial info cdb - Liteon Windows mode
More secure firmguard - Benq
Sorry I didn't remove french translation from each line