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12.08.08, 11:08

The 60GB 360 will come with a wireless controller, headset, Xbox Live Silver membership and a one month Gold subscription to Xbox Live.

The news follows the firmís pre-E3 announcement that it would be replacing the 20GB model with a 60GB unit in North America and cutting the price of the former by $50 to $299 "while supplies last".

While Microsoft didnít announce plans to cut the recommended retail price of the 20GB 360 in the UK, retailers such as Play.com did reduce the systemís price last month, probably in a bid to clear existing stock ahead of the then unannounced 60GB unitís release.

ďNo one device offers the depth and breadth of entertainment that Xbox 360 can deliver and we know consumers need increasingly more and more space to store the amazing digital entertainment content we provideĒ said Neil Thompson, senior regional director of Microsoftís Entertainment and Devices Division.

XboxAddict | 360.Xboxaddict.com (http://www.xboxaddict.com/news/9167.html)

12.08.08, 18:51
The 60GB 360 will come with a wireless controller, headset, Xbox Live Silver membership and a one month Gold subscription to Xbox Live.

And hopefully x% less rings of death ^^

13.08.08, 12:20
"Great new features". :biggrin:
A wireless controller and a headset were already included and a silver membership is free. :rolleyes2:

13.08.08, 12:59
well it is the 20 gb version only with 40 gb in addition thats all but they changed now on the new 60 gb version something on the mainboard to get rid of the 3rod

14.08.08, 01:02
In Memory of:

Xbox 360 20GB edition.

"We will miss you and your RROD hope that the renewed edition will give us alot less red lights."

15.08.08, 19:19
LOL a wireless controller & headset sounds awesome tho !! good for Xbox users to have those new feature,but yeah for sure I hope those silly bugs/glitches happen in a less term

15.08.08, 21:04
Now we know the TRUTH :shockkk!:

(sorry for offtopic :biggrin:)

16.08.08, 00:23
What TRUTH ?? :biggrin:

(sorry for another offtopic)

16.08.08, 00:32
The hidden RRoD-conspiracy in the new Xbox :cool2:

(actually I just used "replace color range" to make the light red, applied "negative" on that frame to create another one, then animated both)
Yea let's stop the OT here :biggrin:

04.05.09, 22:22
all xbox Comes with the other parts

04.05.09, 22:28
Your probably gonna keep getting the red ring of death, because its just like a computer.

04.05.09, 22:32
i have the 60G version and no have any probably or change

19.07.09, 13:08
I still have the 20gb version from 2005 and it still works the only problem it is not enough space to put things from the marketplace on