View Full Version : Multiple logins.....they are REALLY annoying. How to prevent or stop??

11.08.08, 01:50
I will explain the details of the title a little bit more in this post.

Though I expect that I'll have to login again to actually post my thread.

Each time that I want to post to a thread, I find that there is a time limit that expires that forces me to re-login. This may even occur at times if I am not active for the moment and browsing another page in my browser b4 I return to SBI.

Is there any way for this to stop or be altered by staff??

I find that its actually quite annoying.

Please do investigate.


11.08.08, 02:01
Moved. :wink:

If you login, enable this checkbox, then you are logged in for ever and must logout for finish the session: http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/4240/checkgo1.png

And be sure that your browser have cookies enabled. :smile:

best regards


11.08.08, 02:11
ah. Ok.
I should have known this. :rolling_eyes:
Sorry for the silly post, then. :)

16.01.09, 17:20
why do i get logged out of the forum every 15 minutes or so :confused:

16.01.09, 17:21
Post moved. :wink:

Check post #2 in this thread.

17.01.09, 01:51
I totally forgot all about this thread.

I thought it got buried somewhere. LOL.

17.01.09, 11:38
isnt there a way to check by ip number this way it would be much harder for cheating

17.01.09, 17:20
What do you mean? Associating different board SIDs to IP addresses? That's a good security measure in case your browser's cookies are stolen, but otherwise causes further multiple logins should your real address change.