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10.08.08, 19:09
hey i have download Trainer for this game
and i lunch him and its work when i need Active him but the other options not work for me :S

some1 can try ?

turn off the AV cuze he show it as trujan.

Problem sloved
i use this one
GameCopyWorld - FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage / FlatOut 3 - NoCD No-CD No-DVD Trainers & Game Fixes (http://spacetarget.com/games/pc_flatout_ultimate_carnage.shtml#FlatOut:%20Ultim ate%20Carnage%20CHEAT%20EDITOR%20v1.31)

10.08.08, 19:33
It may not be a trojan but it does behave suspiciously...

rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\qoMcdCTn.dll,a


It may just need to run those to be able to "hook" the game and respond accordingly when you press its assigned keys, and be harmless otherwise, but I recommend you look for another trainer if possible or available.

10.08.08, 19:37
nope its the only trainer for this game
and i have the tasks with the red line.
but they say when u in the game Press F1 and you need hear Actived
so i hear but the opion keys not working :-\

10.08.08, 20:11
I have found a site with more trainers for the game, but it also contains No-CD cracks, which may break rule 3.
I can't really test if the one you attached works because I don't have Flatout...