View Full Version : Teenage Arson Suspects Say GTA Taught Them How to Make Molotov Cocktails

08.08.08, 10:04

In the wake of Saturday's highly publicized cabbie murder in Bangkok, there's more bad news for Grand Theft Auto.

Police in Fulton County, Georgia say that three teens arrested for a series of car arsons claim that they used GTA-inspired Molotov cocktails to set the vehicles ablaze.


08.08.08, 18:24
claim that they used GTA-inspired Molotov cocktails

GTA "inspired"? That's where it stops. It doesn't tell you in any part of the game how to make molotov cocktails; they looked themselves for how to make them and did so. Maybe they think they'll get out of jail faster if they blame the videogame. Just my opinion...

Btw zat, your link goes to the site's main page, the article's link is > here < (http://www.gamepolitics.com/2008/08/07/teenage-arson-suspects-say-gta-taught-them-how-make-molotov-cocktails) :top:

08.08.08, 18:32
Gta should be forbidden to people under 60 iq :) Man you must be dumbest to do such a stupid crap.

08.08.08, 18:50
Stupid really... just look at these quotes from the people who read the article, I couldn't agree more:

Now I typically shy away from the usage of profanity in stories such as this but frankly, a Crock of Shit is a Crock of Shit. Grand Theft Auto does not teach you how to make Molotov Cocktails. Here's how GTA makes Molotovs.

1) From the parodoxical infinite storage you possess allowing you to carry virtually infinite weaponry, you wield a glass bottle filled with whatever liquid they are using, most likely gasoline.

2) Said bottle stuffed with a rag is thrown. Somewhere between the bottle leaving your hand and impacting on the designated surface, it is magically lit aflame.

Now where in that sequence did they show you how to make a Molotov?

oh FFS.

you can USE molotovs in Gta, you can USE a plane, you can USE a machine gun. It DOESNT TEACH YOU IN ANY WAY HOW TO MAKE THEM.

tha fact that a molotov is a bottle, a fuse and something that burns means it hardly needs a video game to work out.

Its like saying gta TAUGHT me how to punch somebody.

Perhaps the kids wanted to see how it felt in real life to do what their GTA characters did. Well, the same thing that happened in the game: the cars caugh fire, exploded, the cops arrested them. But now it won't take the 5 seconds of a screen fade to be free again (or for all we care, just losing a "life").

08.08.08, 19:09
no matter how i look at this kind of situation, its wrong ..the kids should be responsible for their own action. the police should throw away the key to their cell and let them think about what they did is wrong..

09.08.08, 13:56
Teach kids how to make molotov ?? Well,that might happened or will happen,but I dont think that any game would teach you any offensive skills related to killing/murdering But on the other hand it might get u a bit aggressive in terms of personality due to unpleasant scenes exist in most of the current modern games around lately

09.08.08, 20:57
But on the other hand it might get u a bit aggressive in terms of personality due to unpleasant scenes exist in most of the current modern games around lately

That is possible...
Or maybe the opposite: people "discharge" themselves in-game and don't do anything stupid in real life.