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06.08.08, 22:42
What is Counter-Strike 2D?
Counter-Strike 2D is a freeware 2D clone of the most famous multiplayer game ever: Counter-Strike by Valve Software. Its difference to the original game: It is completely transferred to 2 dimensions. Play in a top-down perspective and experience a new gameplay.

- Online Gaming (WWW & Lan)
- Offline Gaming with and versus Bots
- A lot of different Weapons
- Different Missions such as Hostage Rescue or Bomb Planting
- 3D accelerated Special FX
- 3D Sounds
- Fog of War for tactical Gaming
- Entity System
- Console & Scripting
- Easy to use Map Editor
- U.S.G.N. (Unreal Software Gaming Network) Support

Who made it?
Counter-Strike 2D is a game by Unreal Software. Visit Unreal Software at UnrealSoftware.de!


DOWNLOAD PAGE (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

Perhaps some of you already knew about this ;) I think when you see "cs 2d", fun is the first thing that springs to mind :biggrin: Well, playing it is a lot of fun indeed, and it was one of the few cool games that would run in my K6-2 (back then :biggrin:)
Taking that apart, it is a fully featured game with objectives to accomplish in the different maps (plant the C4, rescue hostages like in real CS; or just plain deathmatch), primitive forms of "ladders", "floors" (this is 2-d so it's the only way those can be represented) and "recoil" (shots will shake left and right as you keep the mouse button pressed, causing them to gradually miss the target every time more as you fire), smart CPU enemies you can play against, a map and waypoint editor to create your own playable custom levels, and the possibility of gaming online & hosting a game server, everything just like in the "real" 3D version of the game.
What else can I say... the download is just 10MB, so try it yourself :wink: It guarantees fun for both old and new players alike, and low-end hardware & small bandwidth users can enjoy it almost perfectly too :top:
By the way, the source code of version has been made public by the author, so a bunch of mods exist. You can check them out here. (http://www.fpsbanana.com/games/4)

09.08.08, 00:44
lol looks like the old "Doom" :tongue: damn its LAME but still interesting :biggrin:

09.08.08, 00:50
Doom was (almost) 3D, not 2D :biggrin:
And it isn't lame, but actually lots of fun when you play. Download it and try! :wink: There are even clans and "professional" tournaments.

Btw, a completely new and recoded version of this game (for now called "cs2d max" will come out soon, there's a beta available...

### Beta - 4.08.2008

[FIXED] Func_DynWall/Env_Breakable rendered in wrong size sometimes
[FIXED] Fog Alpha perc. display did not change ingame
[FIXED] Low FPS rate decreased movement speed
[FIXED] Func_Teleport didn't work when teleporter exit was on a new teleporter
[FIXED] Env_Explode / Env_Breakable explosions did not work
[FIXED] Binds are now disabled when an ingame menu is open
[FIXED] Serverlist wrong ping sorting with unreachable servers
[FIXED] Movement transmission bug
[FIXED] Several zoom mode bugs
[FIXED] Weapon mode switching problem as client on servers with high latency
[FIXED] Game closed on disconnect with ESC+9
[FIXED] Several map editor bugs
[FIXED] Several map transfer bugs
[FIXED] Security hole which allowed to buy unpurchasable items
[CHANGED] Movement speed increased by 10%
[CHANGED] Movement speed with knife increased
[CHANGED] Movement speed with tactical shield decreased
[CHANGED] Tactical shield is now unbuyable by default
[CHANGED] Damage of all Weapons increased
[CHANGED] Damage bonus for zooming decreased
[CHANGED] Armor now absorbs less damage
[CHANGED] Func_DynWall now kills the player when it emerges on the same tile
[CHANGED] Func_Teleport now triggers when it teleports someone
[CHANGED] Galil/Famas ammo values changed
[CHANGED] Mousepointer crosshair removed in zoom mode
[CHANGED] Zoom/mode switching delay added/increased
[ADDED] New commands
[ADDED] Info _OldRender for CS2D compability (only needed for some old maps)
[ADDED] Rocket Launcher
[ADDED] Grenade Launcher
[ADDED] Wrench
[ADDED] Building system (2x rightclick with wrench!)
[ADDED] Different game modes (Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch)
[ADDED] Serverlist "Copy Address"-function (on rightclick)
[ADDED] Entity cut/copy/paste with Ctrl+X/C/V in editor
[ADDED] Low quality smokegrenade smoke on low particle details
[ADDED] More options for env_item (spawn every x seconds)
[ADDED] Debug Logfiles

(same download page)

12.08.08, 21:02 is out...


### Beta - 12.08.2008

[FIXED] Several building bugs
[FIXED] Several netcode bugs
[FIXED] Several map editor bugs
[FIXED] Scoreboard was not able to display all (32) players
[FIXED] Problems with some binds/keys/menus
[FIXED] Trigger_Delay did not work properly
[FIXED] Bug with Func_DynWall
[FIXED] Leaving players did not drop bomb/flag
[FIXED] auto teambalance now changes uneven teams
[CHANGED] DirectX is now used by default
[CHANGED] Movement speed increased by further 20%
[CHANGED] Screenshots will now be saved in "screens" folder
[CHANGED] Join-/leave- and kill-messages limited to 5 visible messages
[CHANGED] Zoom switch-delay halfed, laser removed, scope changed
[CHANGED] Servers with old version will not be added to serverlist anymore
[CHANGED] Info_NoWeapons now removes collected/bought weapons on roundstart
[CHANGED] Flag carrier is now slower (CTF)
[ADDED] New commands / Settings
[ADDED] Servers using another version are now highlighted red
[ADDED] Scoreboard shows which player is server/bot
[ADDED] +3 Score for planting+detonating or defusing C4
[ADDED] +3 Score and +1000$ for capturing enemy flag (CTF)
[ADDED] More info when your mousepointer is over a server
[ADDED] Game mode filter added
[ADDED] Domination map type
[ADDED] The game now supports more resolutions (graphics will NOT be scaled!)
[ADDED] Launcher for CS2D added (Launcher.exe)
[ADDED] Transparency settings for Env_Breakable and Func_DynWall
[ADDED] Explosion delay for HE and flash
[ADDED] Button/Switch graphics for Trigger_Use
[ADDED] ESC+DEL now work in in-game chat

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download#max)

13.08.08, 19:42
Doom was (almost) 3D, not 2D :biggrin:
And it isn't lame, but actually lots of fun when you play. Download it and try! :wink: There are even clans and "professional" tournaments.

nah,believe me it was LAME,im talking about the very first old Doom that was on windows 98 (the first 98 OS ever made)

13.08.08, 20:35
The first Doom was for DOS; unless you mean the Doom95 port Microsoft made, which is the same but with some internal code reworking and adapted to use DirectDraw...

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/d/de/Doom_ingame_1.png/240px-Doom_ingame_1.png !!

OK, you may think it's lame :smile: But it "engages" you in a few seconds and guarantees hours of fun for me :klatsch_3:

14.08.08, 18:19
yeah that was the one im talking about,for sure it was fun since it was the first game of its kind with lots of interesting missions to explore back then (you are talking about 10 years old kid who wanted to play for fun)

14.08.08, 19:51
Oh yes, Doom is very fun and anti-stress :biggrin: And also a true revolution in its time :wink:

15.08.08, 18:59
yeah I remember when the Doom 2 got released on windows 95 it was also lots of Fun back then,but afterwards,we forgot about Doom series till Doom 3 got released in 2006 with its Blasting storyline,gfx improvements

15.08.08, 19:02
Yes :biggrin: Most people considered Quake 1 to be some kind of "Doom III" when it came out :tongue:

Now we have it and there are plans for Doom 4... :klatsch_3:

15.08.08, 19:06
there are plans for Doom 4... :klatsch_3:

Well,that would be way fun & interesting to play another awesome release of the hard-2-play ever game,but are u positive about that news ??

15.08.08, 19:14
IGN: Doom 4 Announced (http://pc.ign.com/articles/872/872097p1.html)
Next Doom Game Announced (http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3169099)

18.08.08, 23:25
Sorry for DP...

v0.1.0.8 Beta is out... is now deprecated and not supported anymore.

### Beta - 18.08.2008

[FIXED] Minor editor tilelist scrolling problem
[FIXED] Weapon stayed in zoom mode while reloading
[FIXED] Dropped flags disappeared like normal weapons (CTF)
[FIXED] Map editor/mapinfo showed wrong map-size (1 x/y too small)
[FIXED] Bugs with some buildings when players leave (buildings will be removed now)
[FIXED] "scroll background like tiles" bug (no scrolling)
[FIXED] Kevlar/Kevlar&Helmet purchasing bug with little money
[FIXED] Tile modes explosion/toxic were mixed up
[FIXED] Several spectating bugs
[FIXED] Trigger_Delay self-trigger did not work
[FIXED] Dispenser did not work properly
[FIXED] players were able leave the map 1 tile on the left/top
[FIXED] Env_Decal bugs in editor
[FIXED] Bots ran into walls when they tried to collect weapons sometimes
[FIXED] V.I.P. was able to collect all weapons (now USP only)
[FIXED] Items did not fade out in deathmatch mode on dedicated servers
[CHANGED] Movement speed decreased by 10%
[CHANGED] Flash/HE detonation delay decreased (now 1.3 sec, old 1.5)
[CHANGED] HE explosion damage and radius increased
[CHANGED] Gate field price and health reduced, buildimit of 3 added, damage reduced
[CHANGED] Gas grenade now hurts player directly. Armor doesn't protect anymore
[CHANGED] Gas grenade damage and radius increased
[CHANGED] Molotov cocktail explodes when it hits a wall
[CHANGED] Shotgun range decreased and dispersion increased
[CHANGED] Glock/Famas burst dispersion increased and burst damage decreased
[CHANGED] Env_Decal now works on walls and obstacles too
[CHANGED] lastinv command (Q) improved
[CHANGED] Domination possible with less players if there are not enough on server
[CHANGED] All player texts are now green in deathmatch mode (instead of red/blue)
[CHANGED] All players are now visible on the radar in deathmatch mode
[CHANGED] sayteam is now the same as say in deathmatch mode
[CHANGED] Playername character restriction removed
[CHANGED] You always have a knife now - even in construction mode
[ADDED] New commands / Settings
[ADDED] Servers using wrong version can be hidden with filter
[ADDED] +300$ for dominating points (DOM)
[ADDED] Map editor rect tool size displayed
[ADDED] Additional setting for Env_Hurt (damage on time/movement/both)
[ADDED] Bots now understand CTF and DOM maps
[ADDED] Flags are now visible on the radar (CTF)
[ADDED] Turret building
[ADDED] Editor button to remove the background image
[ADDED] High ping/latency autokick with mp_pinglimit (500 ms by default)
[ADDED] Player gets money each spawn (DM/TeamDM/Construction, 2000$ by default)

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

11.09.08, 20:21 is out.

### Beta - 08.09.2008

[FIXED] Serverlist sorting bug with uppercase / lowercase letters
[FIXED] Blank/empty playernames were possible
[FIXED] Only CTs heared "Hostage has been rescued!" message
[FIXED] Skin selection security hole
[FIXED] Living teammates heared dead team chat
[FIXED] Displayed pings were imprecise and too high
[FIXED] Wrong rendering order of barricade ground
[FIXED] Func_DynWall did not kill hostages
[FIXED] Fire and gas did not injure hostages
[FIXED] Several spectating bugs
[FIXED] RPGs/Rockets flew too far sometimes (clientside in multiplayer games)
[CHANGED] Damage of all Pistols increased
[CHANGED] Penalty for killing team buildings + max 5 team buildings killable
[CHANGED] Info_CTF_Flag, Info_Dom_Point and Env_Breakable can now trigger entities
[CHANGED] Everyone can read dead chat in game modes with instant respawning
[CHANGED] Nobody receives radio messages in deathmatch mode
[CHANGED] You only hear your own "Fire in the Hole" message in deathmatch mode
[CHANGED] logs will now be saved in "sys/logs"-folder
[CHANGED] TKs with gas grenade or molotov cocktail are not counted as TK anymore
[CHANGED] Ingame menu button order changed (options/server settings/players & bans)
[ADDED] New commands / Settings
[ADDED] Builder and health of buildings will now be displayed
[ADDED] Buildings of own team can be repaired with wrench primary attack
[ADDED] Option to render Env_Sprite under or over players (like Env_Image)
[ADDED] Option to hide Env_Sprite if player uses nightvision googles
[ADDED] Player spawnmoney time limit (max every 15 sec, DM/TeamDM/Construction)
[ADDED] Adjustable respawn delay (0 sec by default)
[ADDED] Team option for trigger entities
[ADDED] Zoom function for spectating (rightclick)
[ADDED] Entity Info_NoBuildings
[ADDED] Entity Func_Message
[ADDED] Supply building (can be used with [E] by builder for supply selection)
[ADDED] Snowball
[ADDED] Air Strike
[ADDED] Mine
[ADDED] Basic HTML server stats with player ranking and traffic stats
[ADDED] IRC Chat (very basic)
[ADDED] Friends List (does NOT support chatting!)

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download)

Important Note

important note for every player/hoster:

the friends function is still very instable and has a lot of bugs. it is not possible to join playing friends (wrong ip displayed) and sometimes you will not even see the names of your friends.
Edit (08 Sep 2008): If you have problems with the friends list: please download cs2d again. I updated the download and fixed the problem (at least I hope so).

the spawn delay option (mp_respawndelay) has a critical bug. please only use the default value (0) if you host a server.

Unreal Software - game dev and stuff - CS2D IMPORTANT NOTE (http://unrealsoftware.de/forum_posts.php?post=94530)

12.09.08, 12:28
critical updates are being released real quick for such a simple 2D game,this is decent :klatsch_3:

12.09.08, 14:26
Yes, it's being updated very quickly and new good features added, just as if it was a professional/commercial game, but FREE :biggrin:
Too bad there aren't too many servers online yet :frown:

But who knows, perhaps Valve even ends up hiring DC and releasing CS2D in Steam, they have done this with several HL2 mods... :wink:

16.09.08, 05:47
@ valve part,I don't think so since it already made it's record with the release of the source 1.5 version which still owns users attention all over Inet Cybers

16.09.08, 22:34
with the release of the source 1.5 version

Source 1.5!? Source is a lot different than 1.5 :wink: Too bad my PC can't handle it very well (20-30 FPS :redface:). Anyway, it still has some physics bugs.

When I play CS I usually go for 1.6, whose handling I'm very familiar with. :smile: Though I do sometimes open v1.5 (or its Steam-compatible version) to remember the good old times. :cool2:

20.09.08, 01:28
are you sure Source is different that 1.5 ? since I remember there was a version called CS Source...maybe I forgot or something

20.09.08, 18:16
Yes, I'm sure! :biggrin:
Counter-Strike: Source exists, but is based on a completely different, more modern engine than 1.5. :wink:

This is 1.5:

And this is Source:

01.01.09, 19:33

### Beta - 31.12.2008

[FIXED] Critical errors in join routine
[FIXED] Player dropped old prim/sec weapon when buying failed
[FIXED] Zoom bug (dropping related)
[FIXED] Auto balance for team selection was active in deathmatch mode
[CHANGED] Damage of all pistols reduced
[CHANGED] Armor is a bit stronger (max. 30% damage absorption)
[CHANGED] Improved file transfer speed
[CHANGED] Buildings (besides barbed wire) now need time for construction
[CHANGED] Improved menu for voting
[CHANGED] Other players spray us logo instead of yours if transmission failed
[ADDED] Error codes and messages
[ADDED] Repair sound for wrench
[ADDED] Voting messages and sound
[ADDED] Command mp_wpndmg WPN DMG (weapon damage adjustment)
[ADDED] Command mp_wpndmg_z1 WPN DMG (damage in zoom level 1)
[ADDED] Command mp_wpndmg_z2 WPN DMG (damage in zoom level 2)
[ADDED] Command logaddress_add IP:PORT (send console output to this address)
[ADDED] Command logaddress_remove IP:PORT
[ADDED] Command logaddress_removeall
[ADDED] Command mp_zombiedmg
[ADDED] Claw
[ADDED] New game mode: Zombies!

### Beta - 23.12.2008

[FIXED] Friends list scrolling bug
[FIXED] Bug which allowed to have a knife with scope
[FIXED] It was not possible to build dispensers close to enemy dispensers
[FIXED] Dead players/spectators blocked building positions
[FIXED] Hostages followed dead players/spectators
[FIXED] Spraylogo selection did not work after deleting the selected logo file
[FIXED] Spawn effect was visible through fog of war
[FIXED] "Hostage following"-arrows were visible through fog of war
[FIXED] Rendering problems with buildings on maps with Info_OldRender
[FIXED] Server name in scoreboard did not change after changing the server name
[FIXED] Mouseover item info showed only one item and not all at one tile
[FIXED] Serverlist mouseover info was not fully visible sometimes
[FIXED] Internet crashed when joining servers with many players/buildings
[CHANGED] Armor is much weaker now (max. 20% damage absorption)
[CHANGED] Damage of all pistols doubled
[CHANGED] USP ammo limit raised from 48 to 100
[CHANGED] AWP now kills with one hit in zoom level 2 even if enemy has full armor
[CHANGED] Stats don't show players with 0 score/deaths/frags anymore
[CHANGED] Console is now on the classic console key by default (~ on US keyboards)
[CHANGED] Some internal U.S.G.N. changes/improvements
[CHANGED] Spraylogos with other sizes than 32x32 pixels will not be accepted anymore
[CHANGED] Weapon skins bigger than 75x75 (in hand) will not be accepted anymore
[CHANGED] Weapon skins bigger than 100x100 (dropped) will not be accepted anymore
[CHANGED] Defuse times increased (10 sec or 5 sec with defuse kit)
[CHANGED] Join error messages are now more detailed
[ADDED] Missing sound for weapon buying
[ADDED] Stats now also display the score of players
[ADDED] "Forgot password?" and "Create new account" buttons for fast usgn.de access
[ADDED] Enemy health is now visible for spectators (spec. mode "everything" only)
[ADDED] Mouseover item info now also lists ammo/amount of weapons on the ground
[ADDED] Minimap for spectators which shows players/hostages/bomb/flags etc.
[ADDED] You can now start following by clicking a player while spectating
[ADDED] You can't rebuy grenades by default now (new command: mp_grenaderebuy)
[ADDED] Enhanced speedhack protection
[ADDED] Additional general hack protections
[ADDED] Bots button in ingame menu
[ADDED] Voting system and menu (commands: votemenu, vote, votemap)
[ADDED] Original CS weapon buying commands (deagle, hegren, ak47, m4a1, awp, ...)
[ADDED] New fog of war rendering mode (Smoothed)
[ADDED] Scorboard mouseover player details
[ADDED] Linux and MacOS (Intel) binaries (windowed only, dl at www.CS2D.com)

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

07.01.09, 13:50
i played this before, hmm maybe long ago lol, if someone else only hear the sound while you are playing it, they may believe you are playing the real thing lol

07.01.09, 17:14
Yes, that's true. :biggrin:

It's still fun to play, and one of the few games which would run smoothly in my old PC. I remember playing it for hours, tweaking un/official maps or making my own levels, waypointing them, and gaming online - it uses UDP for client-to-server communication, so it'd be playable on the 128Kbit connection I had by then :')

10.01.09, 20:18

### Beta - 10.01.2009

[INFO] Don't forget to upload the new "sys/core"-folder if you are hosting
a dedicated server!

[INFO] Movement tracing is EXPERIMENTAL! Please use "mp_trace 0" to deactivate
it on your server if clients complain about movement!
If your own player movement as client is laggy it is caused by the
movement tracing. It happens with high mp_trace values and bad pings!

[FIXED] Critical file transfer bug
[FIXED] Some bugs which caused crashs
[FIXED] Auto balance made it impossible to join a team in zombie mode sometimes
[FIXED] "play map sounds" option did not work
[FIXED] ^ console problem (german keyboards)
[FIXED] Very long mapnames left the box of the maplist
[FIXED] Playerlimit did not work on U.S.G.N.-only servers
[FIXED] Own player (server) left game when banning others sometimes
[FIXED] Different hostage looks did not work
[FIXED] Chat messages were not visible on dedicated servers
[FIXED] It was possible to build dispensers close together (building sites)
[CHANGED] Improved/modified hack/cheat detections
[CHANGED] Wrench undropable in construction mode
[CHANGED] V.I.P. can collect kevlar, nv, medikit, sec. ammo, money, flags
[CHANGED] Zombies can collect flags
[CHANGED] New max. name length is now 25 instead of 30
[CHANGED] Default mp_idletime is now 60 sec (1 min) instead of 180 sec (3 min)
[ADDED] Editor context menu for entity arrangement (bring forward etc.)
[ADDED] Entity Func_GameAction
[ADDED] Zombie Vision (night vision for zombies)
[ADDED] Ban saving error message
[ADDED] Bot+Kick menus are PARTIALLY available for clients with correct rcon pw
[ADDED] Serverside movement tracing and position correction (mp_trace 0-5)

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

19.01.09, 01:30
where can i get this? i lovee css /cz been playing for like 5 years...its one the best games out there

19.01.09, 16:10
Click the Download link below the changelog...

31.01.09, 10:41
Nostalgic indeed.

Is there any SB-I's server for that game so we can run a tournament?

31.01.09, 12:21
No, there isn't.

06.02.09, 10:16
Hahahahaaha....... 2D, its like we are going back in time.

I have to give this a shot.

10.02.09, 20:43
### Beta - 07.02.2009

[FIXED] Flash effects have not been reset on roundstart/spawn
[FIXED] Wrong bomb selection key in auto-help messages
[FIXED] Max HP was unlimited (env_hurt) - limit set to 100 HP
[FIXED] env_hurt created hurt-sound when healing (negative damage)
[FIXED] Zombie mode team balance on roundstart did not work properly
[FIXED] Storm stayed active after deleting info_storm in editor
[FIXED] Some problems with buy commands (ump45, mac10)
[FIXED] Missing team score reset on server start
[FIXED] Particles on walls/buildings did not disappear on removal
[FIXED] Bots ignored respawndelay (always respawned instantly)
[FIXED] Env_Item did not work with Trigger_Start
[FIXED] Last votekick message before kick has not been displayed
[FIXED] Whitepspaces in playername removed (options menu)
[FIXED] Some bugs in the ban system
[FIXED] Bug with ingame server settings menu (always loaded server.cfg)
[FIXED] Player also respawned when clicking at minimap or other players
[FIXED] Zombie vision did not hide sprites with nightvision setting
[FIXED] "Authentication failed" error when joining with long nicks
[FIXED] Script parser bug with max length for string parameters
[FIXED] Wrong start money for players who joined after starting
[FIXED] Position synch. problems (occured when dropping items etc.)
[CHANGED] Increased AUG/SG552 damage
[CHANGED] mp_trace improvements + set mp_trace to 0 by default
[CHANGED] Health of buildings is now displayed with at least 1% and not 0%
[CHANGED] Normal players (not zombies) can now drop the claw weapon
[CHANGED] Puking blood as zombie (spray) brings more HP for yourself
[CHANGED] "PIayer" is not allowed as name anymore (I looks like l)
[CHANGED] Env_Hurt can now cause damage on a variable area (not just 1 tile)
[CHANGED] Some minor network traffic improvements
[CHANGED] HTML Statistics show top 30 instead of top 100
[CHANGED] Ranking is now based on score-deaths instead of kills/deaths
[CHANGED] You can only hear silenced weapons over a small distance now
[CHANGED] Improved melee weapon bot AI (important for bots in zombie mode)
[ADDED] Auto-help on bombspot and when collecting a bomb
[ADDED] Auto-help when collecting a flag (CTF)
[ADDED] Auto-help when finishing a supply building
[ADDED] Short entity names in editor
[ADDED] Trigger relations are visible in editor (space or point at entity)
[ADDED] Command mp_infammo (infinite ammunition server setting)
[ADDED] Command mp_maxclientsip (max clients/players per ip limit)
[ADDED] Command mp_kevlar (kevlar strength)
[ADDED] Command logsplit (create a new logfile each day)
[ADDED] Command logstamp (add timestamps in logfiles)
[ADDED] Command usgn_checkversion (setting to skip version/news sync.)
[ADDED] Command usgn_info (show U.S.G.N. info)
[ADDED] Command usgn_addserver (force an attempt to add server to list)
[ADDED] Claw secondary attack (higher damage+range, lower rate)
[ADDED] Spraylogo selection arrows and info that you can't change ingame
[ADDED] Additional U.S.G.N. request debug information (debug has to be 1)
[ADDED] 6 armor items (light, normal, heavy, medic, super, stealth)
[ADDED] Env_Item "On Trigger only" (spawn item on trigger only)
[ADDED] Func_DynWall "Close only if not blocked" (against doorkillers)
[ADDED] Selectable entity categories for the editor entity list
[ADDED] Automatic instant round restart when changing the game mode
[ADDED] Mapcycle script commands (add with {yourcommands} after map)
[ADDED] Displaying scoreboard before each mapchange
[ADDED] Auto rcon password reset when joining a server (due to security)
[ADDED] You can see player ips/usgn ids in playerlist with correct rcon pw
[ADDED] Chainsaw (with pretty stupid soundeffect!)
[ADDED] "Don't cheat" call on start
[ADDED] Protection against hacks which allowed to move trough walls
[ADDED] You can get your rank by saying "rank" (only when stats are enabled)

Infinite ammo and new armors are specially nice :wink: I used to have something similar to the "don't cheat" on my servers using sv_msg... all the way back to :)

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

02.04.09, 19:52
After a long time without any new versions, Beta is out:

### Beta - 30.03.2009

[INFO] Several maps have been updated! Please re-upload the maps if you
are hosting a dedicated server!

[FIXED] Click for respawning did not work on the whole screen
[FIXED] Dropped armors did not fade out like other items
[FIXED] Infinite ammo did not work as client
[FIXED] Ammo values have been displayed in infinite ammo mode
[FIXED] Bug which allowed to keep zombie vision on as survivor
[FIXED] Money for returning flags was sometimes 300 and sometimes 1000
[FIXED] "Remove from Favorites" did not work always
[FIXED] You didn't see your own score on mapchanges
[FIXED] Exploit which allowed to throw grenades over a higher distance
[FIXED] Mine planting problems (fast/unwanted planting)
[FIXED] Servers were not reachable for a certain time after disconnect
[FIXED] Some bugs with higher resolutions (spec zoom, screenshots)
[FIXED] Player collected defuse kit even if already having one
[CHANGED] rcon command now sends full script line and works with " and ;
[CHANGED] Chat-/action-/killmessages are now smaller
[CHANGED] "options->more" splitted in "options->more" and "server->more"!
[CHANGED] not longer allowed as first character in playername
[CHANGED] You can't shoot trough teammates with tactical shield anymore
[CHANGED] Improved serverlist filter settings
[CHANGED] Default mp_zombiedmg changed to 0.5 (less zombie armor)
[CHANGED] Some bot AI improvements
[CHANGED] Changed de_aztec and aztec tileset + botnodes for some maps
[CHANGED] Gate field and barbed wire have more healthpoints
[CHANGED] Some buildings are now built faster
[CHANGED] Domination points are now displayed in the radar
[ADDED] Overwrite/tempload options when joining server with differing map
[ADDED] Serverlist number of displayed servers/players (in brackets)
[ADDED] Serverlist number of bots in a server/total/displayed
[ADDED] Serverlist "Copy Address" function now also copies the name
[ADDED] Serverlist "Details" function (shows players on server)
[ADDED] Zombies do now recover 3 HP per second by default
[ADDED] Zombies have a gut bomb (and get a new one for each kill)
[ADDED] Lua script interface for server side scripting (sys/lua/info.txt)
[ADDED] Lua script support for maps (save as maps/MAPNAME.lua)
[ADDED] Weblinks for briefings (enclose in and )
[ADDED] Colors/links in all briefings for "official" maps
[ADDED] Colorcodes XXXYYYZZZ work in server msgs (sv_msg, sv_msg2)
[ADDED] Ending a sv_msg/sv_msg2 text with "@C" will show it in center
[ADDED] It is now possible tab trough all textfields in menus
[ADDED] More "rank" info (score, kills, deaths, kills per death, time)
[ADDED] Server info text (sys/serverinfo.txt, opens on join and with F1)
[ADDED] Different weapon modes for bots
[ADDED] Building kill buttons in construction menu
[ADDED] Some buildings can now be upgraded with wrench
[ADDED] Console input history (use up/down cursor keys in console)
[ADDED] Command hud_fireinthehole (disable grenade radio message)
[ADDED] Command stats_rank ("rank" on/off/detailed)
[ADDED] Command mp_reservations (reservation system for U.S.G.N. users)
[ADDED] Command mp_randomspawn (spawn on random positions in DM mode)
[ADDED] Command mp_zombierecover (zombies get health over time)
[ADDED] Command mp_zombiespeedmod (zombie speed modifier)
[ADDED] Command sv_msg2 (send message to certain player only)
[ADDED] Command sv_sound (play soundfiles as server)
[ADDED] Command killplayer id (server: kill a player)
[ADDED] Command spawnplayer id x y (server: spawn player at position)
[ADDED] Command setpos id x y (server: move player to position)
[ADDED] Command setmoney id money (server: set player money)
[ADDED] Command sethealth id health (server: set player health)
[ADDED] Command setmaxhealth id maxhealth (server: set player max health)
[ADDED] Command setarmor id armor (server: set player armor)
[ADDED] Command setscore id score (server: set player score)
[ADDED] Command setdeaths id deaths (server: set player deaths)
[ADDED] Command equip id itemtype (server: give weapon / refill ammo)
[ADDED] Command strip id itemtype (server: remove weapon from a player)
[ADDED] Command spawnitem itemtype x y (server: spawn item on map)
[ADDED] Command removeitem id (server: remove item from map)
[ADDED] Command trigger name (server: trigger entities)
[ADDED] Command speedmod id value (server: change player speed)
[ADDED] Command lua script (server: execute a Lua script)
[ADDED] Command luareset (server: reset Lua, remove all vars/funcs)
[ADDED] Command debuglua mode (show Lua debug information on/off)
[ADDED] Command serverinfo (show server info)
[ADDED] Command serveraction1 (F2, custom server action for Lua scripts)
[ADDED] Command serveraction2 (F3, custom server action for Lua scripts)
[ADDED] Command serveraction3 (F4, custom server action for Lua scripts)
[ADDED] Command hudtxt tid,text,x,y,align (display text on screen)
[ADDED] Command hudtxt2 id,tid,text,x,y,align (display text on screen)
[ADDED] Command mp_building_price building price (construction price)
[ADDED] Command mp_building_limit building limit (construction limit)
[ADDED] Command mp_building_health building health (health of building)
[ADDED] Gut Bomb
[ADDED] Dual turret building (turret upgrade)
[ADDED] Triple turret building (dual turret upgrade)
[ADDED] Entity Info_BotNode (define important spots on the map for bots)

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

Now that's a lot of changes. Lua scripting sounds like it'll make the game extensible, but since it's an early implementation it will most likely be exploited soon. :redface:

05.04.09, 04:05
its too soon to test on lan i am my friend we still use CS1.6 and sometimes go for CS source
though will check out this one too to find if something superb exist or not

05.04.09, 17:59
You can host LAN games and they'll show up in the server browser, if that's what you meant.

I recommend you try it and see if you like it - I personally find it very fun to play. :top: Also, it's very easy to create custom maps, skins, and now modify the game's behaviour through Lua scripts.

07.04.09, 04:57
i tried it one of the things i must say is that the creation of custom maps is damn fun and also the overall look of the game is good
but unfortunately when we host on lan the lag is very high than the lag that we experience in cs1.6 or cs source
i think that is one thing we are figuring to overcome

07.04.09, 16:27
but unfortunately when we host on lan the lag is very high than the lag that we experience in cs1.6 or cs source
i think that is one thing we are figuring to overcome

There are some delay values you can play with in the Network tab and see if lag decreases. It's strange that the game lags for you since you're on a LAN and it uses UDP... :confused:

07.04.09, 18:21
yes anon the lag that we get on cs1.6 and source is about 34-46(generally) which is ok for us
but in this case the lag for us goes somewhere near 66-70 which unusually its very high considering we play it on lan
we play at standard resolutions so i am myself dinding this weird

07.04.09, 19:56
but in this case the lag for us goes somewhere near 66-70 which unusually its very high considering we play it on lan
we play at standard resolutions so i am myself dinding this weird

Try 640x480 fullscreen, 16-bit color depth, OpenGL. Higher resolutions don't really "work", the game only pads the rest of the screen with solid black.

Also make sure you've selected "Fast" as your connection type in the Net tab.

09.04.09, 04:43
Try 640x480 fullscreen, 16-bit color depth, OpenGL. Higher resolutions don't really "work", the game only pads the rest of the screen with solid black.

Also make sure you've selected "Fast" as your connection type in the Net tab.

it works well also i worked on graphics level what i did was kept other applications closed especially applications like VUZE and others which use ram i dint use them while playing so works at lag of 36-40 which is decent
also connection type fast was selected which was there by default so worked like charm
though i dint use high resolution but still it works decently on 800*600 only thing its preferrable that people who host have good performance pc since it consumes lot more resources than cs1.6 and source

09.04.09, 17:20
though i dint use high resolution but still it works decently on 800*600 only thing its preferrable that people who host have good performance pc since it consumes lot more resources than cs1.6 and source

800x600? Does it cover the whole screen? Because for me it uses the same amount of space, and pads the rest with black...

To reduce the resource usage you can decrease the particle and blood effects detail, turn the menu GFXs off, etc.

09.04.09, 19:51
yup it does i use CRT monitor hehhe
though space consumed may be same the scripts are completely changed in this one
which is y i think it puts more load
also high graphics in 2D on lan not that easy due to very high lags
source gives me lag of 50on a resolution of 1024*768
but 2D gives me a lag of more than 100 on that resolution

09.04.09, 19:53
Interesting... I have an LCD screen and it doesn't :frown::

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/159/cs2dsolid.th.jpg (http://img15.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cs2dsolid.jpg)

09.04.09, 20:02
i think yours must be widescreen
i mean if u r LCD looks square then i think it must fit full screen
else if it is that widescreen model which is rectangular in shape then 800*600 wont give u fullscreen

hey i realised this just know made my 200 posts :biggrin:

09.04.09, 20:04
No, it's a 4:3 screen... :confused:

I can still play the same in 640x480 windowed mode, it's the same for me. :smile:

09.04.09, 20:08
ya that is true but still 800*600 looks better so said coz in 640*480 its very easy to aim at the target i mean people are little large and visibility is damn goood so kinda an easy catch

09.04.09, 20:10
Can someone please tell me a good reason to play Counter Strike 2D because 1.6 or source look way more better:tongue:

09.04.09, 20:12
in 640*480 its very easy to aim at the target i mean people are little large and visibility is damn goood so kinda an easy catch

But 800x600 does nothing but slow down the game without giving me a bigger screen area :biggrin:

Can someone please tell me a good reason to play Counter Strike 2D

It's continuosly developed, extensible, customizable and has a big community, apart from being free and fun to play :wink:

09.04.09, 20:16
source looks wise is best
and 1.6 coz of huge types of maps
but 2D has custom maps and also has some more action it cant be called better but u can try it for funsake for a change
though it does trouble u a little but once u get hang of it its fun

09.04.09, 20:17
Good reason..but those terrorists look so pixeled...is there a 1280x1024 resolution option :biggrin:?Anyway I 'll install it and post my first impression.

09.04.09, 20:18
is there a 1280x1024 resolution option :biggrin:?

The launcher goes up to 1024x768 for me, but that could be because my monitor doesn't support higher resolutins.

09.04.09, 20:33
what 1280*1024:eek3: i have never played at that graphics level just a thing SBfreak how can u identify enemy at long distance since sizes would be very small
man that resolution would look awesome but u need some damn good experience to hit targets at long distance with that resolution ofcourse if u use sniper then no problems

13.04.09, 21:16
Lol look's fun.I will try it and see if i like it.maybe play with some frends too:klatsch_3:

06.07.09, 22:44
v0.1.1.5 is out:

### Beta - 19.06.2009

[WARNING] Hostages can't use portals/teleporters
[WARNING] Don't use portals/teleporters when playing with bots

[FIXED] Mines did not explode anymore
[FIXED] You were able to build dispensers close together
[FIXED] Whitespace (ASCII 160) was allowed in nicks
[FIXED] It was possible to choose numbers as nicks (cmd conflicts)
[FIXED] You can't set health/maxhealth of dead players anymore
[FIXED] You can't equip dead players anymore
[FIXED] Vote-bans are now really temporary (1 hour by default)
[FIXED] "Remove Friend" context menu in friends list removed
[FIXED] Lua itemtype(id,"dispersion") did not work
[FIXED] Lua use hook did only work for server uses not for client uses
[FIXED] Lua menu problem when opening a new menu with menu hook
[FIXED] Very high mp_timelimit caused mapchange all the time
[FIXED] Bomb did not explode with Info_BombSpot range
[FIXED] Some weapon images in the buy menu were slightly blurred
[FIXED] Bug in grenade rebuy protection
[FIXED] "Add to Favorites" did not work
[FIXED] Client players did not see burst fire of server player
[FIXED] Less annoying position resets on laggy servers
[CHANGED] Explosions are curtailed by walls by default now
[CHANGED] HE Grenade causes less damage
[CHANGED] AK47 is now a bit weaker, M4A1 a bit stronger (minimal)
[CHANGED] Movement is now slower with chainsaw
[CHANGED] "x changes his name to y" is now "x changes name to y"
[CHANGED] Some player sprite improvements
[CHANGED] Knife sprite changed
[CHANGED] Upgrade to dual turret: price and duration increased by 50%
[CHANGED] Upgrade to triple turret: price and duration increased by 100%
[CHANGED] Removed number of bots on server from serverlist (was too long)
[CHANGED] Chat details like *DEAD*, (Team) or (Radio) are now yellow
[CHANGED] Debug Lua message "calling hooked function [...]" removed
[CHANGED] No blood FX when hitting mates with wrench (if FF is off)
[CHANGED] Some changes on map zm_street
[CHANGED] Zombies get +3 score/frags per kill (setting mp_zombiekillscore)
[CHANGED] Reload at round end will now be finished and not canceled
[CHANGED] Radio and Lua menus are smaller now
[CHANGED] Now sending map file as last file to avoid incomplete transfers
[CHANGED] Friends list is now sorted by online status
[CHANGED] Flash effect will now be stopped when you die
[ADDED] New and improved speedhack protection with kick + temp. ban
[ADDED] Console input context menu with list of commands
[ADDED] Map preview images (minimap) in maplist
[ADDED] Blinking "Friends" button when you have new messages/requests
[ADDED] U.S.G.N. powered NAT hole punching for better server connectivity
[ADDED] Additional weapon information in buy menu
[ADDED] Additional enlarged weapon/item image in buy menu
[ADDED] Back buttons in in-game menus
[ADDED] Command mp_tempbantime (defines how long vote-bans stay active)
[ADDED] Command mp_maxrconfails (security against RCon bruteforcing)
[ADDED] Command mp_natholepunching (allow/disallow NAT hole punching)
[ADDED] Command mp_zombiekillscore (score/frags per kill for zombies)
[ADDED] Command mp_teleportreload (teleport reload time in seconds)
[ADDED] Command mp_antispeeder (protection against speedhackers)
[ADDED] Command sv_sound2 id sound (play soundfiles as server)
[ADDED] Command weapon weapon (select a weapon by name/id)
[ADDED] Command setname id name (server: set name of a player)
[ADDED] Command setweapon id weapon (server: set weapon of a player)
[ADDED] Command explosion x y size damage id (server: make explosion)
[ADDED] Command shake id intensity (server: quake effect for player)
[ADDED] Command killobject id (server: kill an object)
[ADDED] Command spawnobject typ x y ... (server: spawn an object)
[ADDED] Command customkill killer "weaponname" victim (server: kill pl.)
[ADDED] Bomspot can now trigger entities when the bomb explodes there
[ADDED] Func_DynWall can now behave like a floor as well
[ADDED] Additional new button styles/graphics for Trigger_Use
[ADDED] Additional new objects for Env_Object
[ADDED] Option for Info_NoBuildings to allow Mines/Portals
[ADDED] Entity Info_TeamGate (only one team or nobody can pass)
[ADDED] Entity Env_Building (set buildings in editor, Neutral/T/CT)
[ADDED] You can now return 1 in Lua hit-hook to skip the damage process
[ADDED] You can now return 1 in Lua build-hook to skip building
[ADDED] Lua Hook buildattempt (when attempting to build something)
[ADDED] Extended Lua commands to get tables of player IDs/item IDs
[ADDED] Lua Command playerweapons player (return table with carried items)
[ADDED] Lua Command hostage id value (return hostage values)
[ADDED] Lua Command object id value (return object [building] values)
[ADDED] Laser Mine
[ADDED] Portal Gun
[ADDED] Teleporter Entrance building
[ADDED] Teleporter Exit building

Download (http://www.cs2d.com/download.php)

The Portal gun sounds great :biggrin: