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05.08.08, 20:22
>>>>>> eMule 0.49a StulleMule 6.0 <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:

Sivka Ban (bans clients that ask too fast)
Anti NickThief
Push small & rare files
Timer for Reask File Sources
ReAsk Sources after IP change v2
Spread Requests
Quickstart v2
Spread Credits Slot
Manual & auto source dropping
Remove clients and don't ask list
Show sources on titlebar
Draw PS files red
Show global hardlimit
Bad Nick Ban
Enforced ZZRatio
Show eMule info in MSN v2
20 minutes auto drop immunity
TBH Mini-Mule
Ban clients sending empty nicks
Source Graph
Average QR
Pay Back First for clients without SUI (Secure User Identification)
Modified Fine CS
Global Hardlimit
Source Cache
Emulate other clients (MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant)
CPU & RAM usage display in Transfer Window
Reduce Score for leechers
XP Style Menu
Release Bonus
Release Score Assurance
Connection Checker
Global Mod statistics
Limit PS by amount of data uploaded
Disable PS/PBF for leechers
Static IP Filter
Enhanced Client Recognition
Compatible Client Stats
Display completed Downloads in Tray
Design settings
Display reason for zero score
Automatic shared files updater
Progress Hash
Control download priority
High resulution speedmeter on toolbar
Inform queue clients after IP change via opcode
Prevent from missing an Upload by Xtreme
Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
Reconnect KAD on IP Change
File Settings
Advanced Transfer Window Layout
Threaded File Settings Saving
Threaded Known Files Saving

eMule v0.49a StulleMule v6.0
20.05.2008 - based on eMule 0.49a MorphXT 11.0 compiled with vs2005 SP1

Added: MenuXP Sub Heading [fafner/Stulle]
Added: Advanced Transfer Window Layout [Stulle/ideas from fafner]
Added: Threaded File Settings Saving [Stulle]
+ keeps the GUI responsive while saving
Added: Threaded Known Files Saving [Stulle]
+ keeps the GUI responsive while saving
Added: DirectX (Preview feature) support for VS05 [eMF]

Changed: Save file settings when changing FollowTheMajority setting [Stulle]
Changed: Save file settings when new file added [Stulle]
Changed: File settings save thread waits 5 seconds before launching [Stulle]
Changed: Context menu Sidebars show mod version [Stulle]
Changed: Context menu title shown as sub heading [Stulle]
Changed: Creation of TBH: MiniMule (won't show up on startup now) [Stulle]
Changed: Maintain splitter state on change TransferWnd toolbar settings [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v32-pre) [Xman/Myth/JvA/DLarge]

Fixed: Some memleak fixes and other fixes [fafner]
Fixed: Memleak fixes for System info [WiZaRd]
Fixed: (minor) Permission context menu in DownloadListCtrl [Stulle]
Fixed: (minor) On/Off button for Server design settings [Stulle]

Advanced Transfer Window Layout:
+ Any two lists can be viewed at the same time
+ Downloading file list can only be viewed in the upper part
+ If list shown in the upper half is already in the lower half the lower
list changes to next list
+ To disable/enable press the split button/item


LINK (http://scarangel.sourceforge.net/eng_download.html)

08.08.08, 23:21
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24.10.08, 01:21
eMule v0.49a [StulleMule v6.0] Statistics [mskvorc1]

Session UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 3.00
Session UL:DL Ratio (Friends UL excluded): 1 : 3.00
Cumulative UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 3.00
Uploaded Data: 141.33 MB
Uploaded Data to Friend Slots (Session): 0 Bytes
Active Uploads/Needed to fill Bandwidth: 4
Total Uploads: 4
Waiting Uploads: 3356
Upload Sessions: 33
Total successful upload sessions: 24 (72.73%)
Total failed upload sessions: 9 (27.27%)
Average Uploaded Per Session: 5.14 MB
Average upload time: 45:43 Minutes
Total Overhead (Packets): 27.83 MB (262.95k)
Downloaded Data: 424.10 MB
Completed Downloads: 0
Active Downloads (chunks): 16
Found Sources: 3127
Download Sessions: 1297
Successful Download Sessions: 702 (54.1%)
Failed Download Sessions: 595 (45.9%)
Average Downloaded Per Session: 618.63 KB
Average Download Time: 5:57 Minutes
Gained Due To Compression: 7.82 MB (1.8%)
Lost Due To Corruption: 550.00 KB (0.1%)
Parts Saved Due To I.C.H: 2
Total Overhead (Packets): 17.45 MB (287.69k)
Upload-Speed: 11.97 KB/s
Average Uploadrate: 6.99 KB/s
Max Upload Rate: 12.25 KB/s
Max Average Upload Rate: 8.31 KB/s
Download-Speed: 14.98 KB/s
Average Downloadrate: 20.99 KB/s
max. Downloadrate: 130.46 KB/s
Max Downloadrate Average: 23.75 KB/s
Time Statistics
Statistics last reset: 23.10.2008 18:42:54
Time Since Last Reset: 5:38 Hours
Runtime: 5:45 Hours
Transfer Time: 5:44 Hours (99.9%)
Current Server Duration: 5:44 Hours (99.9%)
Total Server Duration: 5:44 Hours (99.9%)
Projected Averages
Known Clients: 5237
Low ID: 1641 (31.3%)
Secure Ident (OK : Failed ): 3763 (99.6%) : 17 (0.4%)
Problematic: 0 (0.0%)
Banned: 468
Filtered: 1973
Leechers: 495
Mod Statistics
Shared Files
Disk Space