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17.07.08, 05:16
July 16, 2008 - When Microsoft unveiled the new interface for Xbox Live at their E3 press conference this week, our jaws dropped. Not only will the current Dashboard get a slick new look and feel, but avatars will be incorporated into the experience, and best of all, Netflix movies will now be available through the Xbox 360.

We sat down with Xbox Live General Manager Marc Whitten for a quick tour of the "New Experience," as Microsoft has dubbed it, and some of our many questions about the pending update have been answered.

First, the Neftlix basics. If you're already a Netflix customer, watching movies in your queue is as easy as selecting the Video Channel tab and selecting the Netflix image. The movies in your Watch Now list automatically appear, and you can flip through them to choose which movie you want to watch. You can either get more info on a specific film by hitting the Y button or begin playing it by hitting A. You can't add or delete movies from your Netflix queue from the Dashboard, but if you manipulate your queue from a PC, you'll see your list of available films change within a few seconds on your TV screen.

IGN: E3 2008: New 360 Dashboard Detailed (http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/891/891275p1.html?RSSwhen2008-07-16_172100&RSSid=891275)

19.07.08, 17:19
MS is way good in convincing people with new changes (actually only slight ones count),anyway I guess Xbox users would love the new Netflix add-on to NJoy movies while getting a T off playing :biggrin:

19.07.08, 18:24
being able to watch a movie after you've tried to get through a very hard part of a game and couldn't, for example, is always very relaxing :smile: now you don't even have to turn off your 360 and on your DVD/VCR :tongue:

19.07.08, 20:35
the new dash update will be great especially the feature to full install the games on the hdd :smile:

19.07.08, 20:44
Yeah, the new update will be great.
Especially I like the new Cover Flow look. :biggrin:

23.07.08, 19:24
Especially I like the new Cover Flow look. :biggrin:

I guess you are right shoulder,MS stopped upgrading firmwares/hardwares,they are just wasting people's money on new shapes/looks or even new Buttons :biggrin:

23.07.08, 19:34
they are just wasting people's money on new shapes/looks or even new Buttons :biggrin:

"ok, so what's new in the latest update apart from new look?"
"uhh, bugfixes."
"no reall-"
"BUGFIXES!!!" :biggrin:

hey, this does happens with some software developers though

24.07.08, 03:57
firmware and hardware updates are not the main focus for most people it's how good it looks..very sad but true

24.07.08, 21:19
but if it looks good and works fine it's OK :biggrin:

25.07.08, 11:28
this looks good in terms of xbox as a network device to watch movies. My only dissapointment is that the Xbox 360 is still as loud as before. My living room sound like a jet engine when I turn on the 360 :frown:

25.07.08, 12:59
maybe you should give ms a call its not normal that its in the dashboard loud only during gaming the drive is loud. with the new comming update you have the possibility to install games directly to the hdd after that the drive will not make any noise

25.07.08, 16:25
.... that the drive will not make any noise

Did it sounded noizy before ?? damn,I wont pay for a noize junk box :biggrin: anyway,hope xbox users NJoy this new update

25.07.08, 21:31
well, in my Xbox its the fan making a lot of noise and then the drive making a bunch more.

just 1 question though. Do u guys have a modded console? I have a modded Hitachi drive which in fear of being banned has not been connected to the internet for 6 months now. I am planning a new update of the firmware to the more recent modded firmware, however I aslo have the choice to simply install a modchip with a switch to go back and forth between modded and original firmware. What are your views? Do any of you know what the percentage chance of being banned with the latest haxxed firmware is?