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11.07.08, 17:13
I know that most of you will think that this is fake and such, but the guy that posted this, StrYdeR visited Treyarch about this game and they allowed him to tell this much.

"Hey gang! I'm back with another update on the latest installment in the Call of Duty series Call of Duty: World at War. Another muzzle (so to speak) has been lifted allowing the community members that were present at the 'Community First Look' in Santa Monica to further discuss some of the things we saw/experienced.

Today I am pleased to tell you that I can discuss two more of the single player levels that we took a look at while we were at the Treyarch Studios.

The first one I am going to discuss has been referred to during development as 'PBY' probably largely due to the fact that most of the mission surrounds you in a PBY Catalina. The PBY Catalina was an American flying boat of the 1930s and 1940s. It could be equipped with depth charges, bombs, torpedoes, and .50 caliber Browning machineguns and was one of the most widely used multi-role aircraft of World War II. PBYs served with every branch of the US military and in the air forces and navies of many other nations. In World War II, PBYs were used as anti-submarine warfare aircraft, patrol bombers, convoy escorts, search and rescue aircraft, and transports."

Source :

N4G.com : Call of Duty: World at War SP Information (http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News-168179.aspx)

so bad that it would be for PS3 users only so far :confused2: but this should be an unbelievable release,last COD4 was a BOMB by all measures

11.07.08, 19:36
the new cod will be produced from trayarch the development team that made cod 3 dont expect to much. the cod 4 development team is working now on cod 6

11.07.08, 21:13
the new cod will be produced from trayarch the development team that made cod 3 dont expect to much. the cod 4 development team is working now on cod 6

WTF !! COD6 man I adore this game,every year they fascinate me with their enhancements & story lines being produced in simple & modern harmony

12.07.08, 12:25
actually activision has 2 teams that are working on the cod series because they want to release EA like every year a new cod game. devolopment time is 2 years and they are releasing 1 year shifted.

but anyway its known that the quality from infinity ward (cod 1,2,4) is better than from trayarch (Cod: United Offensive and cod 2: Big Red One (xbox1) and cod3). the other thing that i dont like is that cod 4 was madern warfare but cod 5 will be again WWII and im sure that cod 6 will be again modern warfare. its quite boring to play all these WWII games expect brothers in arms :biggrin:

12.07.08, 12:33
I would also like to have again a Modern Warfare, but CoD will also be great if it becomes a WWII Shooter.

BiA is a very great WWII Shooter.
Is there a exact release date?
Because i think I was said it will be released Q4/08?

12.07.08, 12:47
the new brothers in arms that will be for sure great will be released in august 08 it has been delayed a lot of times but august 08 is definitive

12.07.08, 13:56
yeah I dont know why they keep making lots of WWII ? lots of them already been made several times with several parts (MOH was the Prime of them for sure) now COD4 was amazing,I thought they will continue making better parts including better modern war tactics till they reach High technology wars (like the new BattleField 2124) anyway,waiting for COD6

12.07.08, 14:14
cod 4 modern warfare was great especially the sniper mission or the bomber mission. but you are right reppy WWII is getting quite boring the last one that im loocking forward is as i told before brothers in arms because it has more tactic elements you know cod is still quite rambo stlyle shooting :biggrin: atleast on the lower difficulties. i played cod 4 on the veteran difficult and it was quite challanging but its still a fast pace shooting game while brothers in arms is more a gears of war like cover aim and shoot game

12.07.08, 16:00
well,yeah COD might be a little old fashion shooting game,but COD4 was very entertaining regarding the story line/gfx/character details !! on the other hand,brothers in arms part1,2 was very LAME regarding gfx & character handling details !!anyway,I hope they can make something more challenging like Crysis/Halo 3 !! those games were WAY unbelievable in terms of gfx & tiny in-game details !!

P.S. @hitman: about Gears of Wars,do you anyway that could let me run the game on PC without any errors/bugs,coz,after it took me around 35 minutes to install (found out that this is the normal time consumed for installation) I managed to run the game normally without any glitches then after Ive set a new profile & chosen the game difficulty level,the loading bar showed up then when it gets to finish (the game should start @ that point) I get out of the game by a "C++ Runtime Error - that the game should close due to encounter unexpected error)
advise me if you know any means that could run the game smoothly !! :top:

12.07.08, 16:06
reppy i have a xbox 360 i dont have any problems with gears :biggrin: im sorry but i cant help you with your problem actally its the thing that i hate and is the reason why i bought a 360. i hate that fight angainst install problems, hardware problems buying new gfx......... i put only my dvd into my 360 and the chainsaw battle can beginn :biggrin:

maybe you should check out epics forum for specific help

12.07.08, 20:31
.... maybe you should check out epics forum for specific help

yeah I did that back then when I had the problem but they dont have any specific clue on how to solve that other than that they blame MS for not producing a quality game with decent patches/updates to solve technical bugs :confused2: some people managed to get it working with some tweaks that are not working with me & some others too :rolling_eyes: