View Full Version : Bon Jovi helps bring down a house in Detroit

08.07.08, 01:34
Jon Bon Jovi is giving some people who are living on a prayer something a bit more substantial.

The Grammy winner was in a neighborhood on Detroit's East Side Monday to announce the building of five new homes as part of a partnership among his Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation, Saturn and Habitat for Humanity Detroit.

People gathered and cheered "knock it down" as construction workers busted a hole in the roof of the last remaining house on the block to be razed. Detroit-area Saturn retailers then raised the first wall of a new home.

"I wanted to come back and give something back to you," Bon Jovi told the crowd.

Bon Jovi News on- Music (http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/28814565)

08.07.08, 05:02
damn he got nothing in his life to do & mess with !! :icon_angry[1]: psssss :wink2:

08.07.08, 05:18
damn he got nothing in his life to do & mess with !!

:biggrin:, weird as it sounds but he's one of my favorite male singer:tongue:

08.07.08, 17:15
yeah I used to like his productions before but found he is a BIG SUCKER :tongue:

08.07.08, 17:29
well, i guess this time destruction was needed to be able to create :D