View Full Version : Sony pulls PS3 update after some gamers report bricked systems

08.07.08, 00:48
Just hours after making it publicly available, Sony has pulled the PlayStation 3's latest firmware download (v2.40) due to reports of inoperable consoles after the update process.

SCEA's director of Corporate Communication and Social Media, Patrick Seybold, played down the problem, saying that incoming calls regarding failures have been of a low volume, and the removal is only temporary.

If incidents are in any way reflected by the voluminous message board chatter on the subject, it has only affected a fraction of users. Of the hundreds of posts reporting v2.40 update status for Playstation.blog readers, only several dozen posted system failures, and conditions surrounding those were somewhat inconsistent.

BetaNews | Sony pulls PS3 (http://www.betanews.com/article/Sony_pulls_PS3_update_after_some_gamers_report_bri cked_systems/1215101896)

08.07.08, 00:54
i can imagine the faces of ps3 owners after the update killed their consoles, having that nearly happened to me with both my pc bios and mobile phone firmware :eek3:

08.07.08, 07:57
I guess many PS3 users were waiting for such update to get borned & even Sony itself since last financial reports published about their major losses in last year's sales !! but do u think they must provide something decent atm ? I mean they should compensate theirs customers or otherwise expect more losses :rolleyes2: