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23.06.08, 15:27

ja ihr habt richtig gelesen.
K.I.Z haben letzte Woche das erste interaktive Musikvideo online gestellt.

Falls ihr euch darunter nichts vorstellen könnt schaut einfach mal den Trailer an.
Neuruppin Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9m-qwY6YiM)

Hier könnt ihr das ganze interaktive Video "ansehen":

K.I.Z - Neuruppin (http://kiz-neuruppin.de/)

26.06.08, 00:05
schon geil ^^

finds geil, wie er da die Beine zerlegt in der Kueche xDDD
Ansehen= lohnenswert =)


14.09.08, 23:20
amokst das coole video! find die idee auch irgendwie geil nne foto von sich da ins video einzubinden!:top:
gleich mal ausprobieren.. lol :rolleyes2:

aber is auch berechtigt dass es erst ab 18 ist! (hatte mich vorher schon gewundert)

15.09.08, 00:06
Good link shoulder :top:
For all the site cares, I'm at least 18 years old. :cool2:

It's a nice concept: you can actually decide where to enter and what to see during your "tour". Some things are really scary...
like the guy in his underwear (nice face), or the girl inside the cage if you choose to enter the window that's in the back of the house :eek3:
And there should be an "autopilot" option if you don't feel like or don't have time to move yourself through the house! :tongue:

16.09.08, 17:32
:-D wie krass,,,

aber mit dsl1000 nit sooo der spaß

16.09.08, 19:39
Das "Video" wurde mittlerweile sogar "beschränkt". :tongue:

Einige Räume sind nicht den ganzen Tag betrettbar, früher war das noch nicht der Fall.

16.09.08, 19:58
Einige Räume sind nicht den ganzen Tag betrettbar

You mean you had to wait some time before you were able to access some areas in the house? That happened to me too, there were doors and objects I couldn't open or use until I had walked around through previously visited places a bit.

16.09.08, 20:03
No, I mean some rooms are only accessable between (I think) 22.00 and 6 o'clock.

16.09.08, 21:51
I see...
In what rooms did that happen to you? I think I could explore most of the house, but there was a door next to the TV you can turn on and off I couldn't go through, but think it's possible...

16.09.08, 22:00
I describe you the way to the rooms I meant. :tongue:

If you enter the house through the right door, theres a white door to the left of the stairway below the lamp.
Click on it.

You can only access the white door and the brown one between 22.00 and 6 o'clock.
To open the white door you have to click the key on the left top. :biggrin:

16.09.08, 22:06
Oh yes, I have seen those and the key, but wondered why I couldn't go through... that red X was blocking me :tongue: But now I know :wink:

Wonder if it uses your system time or asks the remote server to know if it's OK to let you in...

16.09.08, 22:12
I just tried it.
It's depending on your system time.
So, it's very easy to bypass it. :biggrin:

16.09.08, 22:27
Indeed *tries it :biggrin:*
Perhaps a "trial resset" applied to a new Opera instance should be enough, because it has happened to me that I change my system time, then forget to set it back correctly and things start to happen or stop working with "no" reason :tongue: