View Full Version : Death Race

16.06.08, 19:04
Remake of the 1975 Death Race 2000 with Carradine and Stallone

This one is gonna feature Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson.

Check out the trailer HERE (http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809936373/video/8306623)

It looks badass :smile:

16.06.08, 21:09
the old movie was awesome dude so this one should be a better remake !!

16.06.08, 21:23
jason statham is the right choice for this movie. hes a good action moviestar. saw the old movie and it junks hopefully this new one would be better

16.06.08, 23:57
The trailer looks very cool. I like Jason Statham (waiting on german line for "The Bank Job"), heīs a very great actor. I hope the film is comming soon in germany because my english isnīt the best. :wink:

best regards