View Full Version : Play XviDs on your PS3

15.06.08, 23:31
Downloading an xvid of a great movie, then having to watch it on your pc screen, or wait for hours while it converts can be annoying. But, if you're lucky enough to own a PS3, you've got it easy!

1: Download HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner.

2: Insert a DVD/CD and open the program. Click 'Add' and find the xvid you want to watch (remember, on a DVD5 you can have up to 6-7 movies on one disc).

3: once you've got all the files you want on there, hit next and edit the volume name and dvd details if you want to.

4: Burn!

5: Insert the dvd into your PS3, fire it up and scroll to the 'Video' tab. There should be a 'Data Disc' Icon. Scroll to that, and you'll see the XviD files you added appear. Press X to watch and enjoy

20.06.08, 16:09
You can see xvid movies directly from your USB-stick on your PS3. :top: