View Full Version : [qBitTorrent] qBittorrent 4.2.3

06.04.20, 09:33
As of version 4.0.4, this client uses an individual peer_id, so it's okay to run both RatioMaster Plus and qBittorrent at the same time.

This client emulates the following settings, so make sure your real qBittorrent 4.2.3 also uses them:

Encryption mode: Allow encryption
Optional IP address to bind to: All addresses (but read the comments regarding IPv6 below)

...the "Listen on IPv6 address" checkbox, it has been removed in 4.2.1 (which I unbelievably also failed to notice), with "Optional IP address to bind to" now apparently being the favored way to accomplish that, and set to "All addresses" by default.

I always cross-check client files against the real thing before posting them, and this one obviously passed that test, but I have no IPv6 connectivity whatsoever. It is possible that for those with a dual-stack setup, an IPv6 address may now be explicitly reported to the tracker (which this emulation doesn't do) under the default settings. Feedback on this matter would be appreciated.