View Full Version : [qBitTorrent] qBittorrent 4.2.1

19.12.19, 18:37
As of version 4.0.4, this client uses an individual peer_id, so it's okay to run both RatioMaster Plus and qBittorrent at the same time.

This client emulates the following settings, so make sure your real qBittorrent 4.2.1 also uses them:

Encryption mode: Allow encryption
Optional IP address to bind to: All addresses (but read the comments regarding IPv6 below)

10.03.20, 23:13
Encryption mode: Prefer encryption
Listen on IPv6 address: No (note this change over previous client files)

Hi, is Prefer encryption the same as Allow encryption? And where is the Listen on IPv6 address option? Searched through the options and couldn't find, maybe it changed name in recent versions?

16.03.20, 06:33
Sorry for the delay. Indeed the word "prefer" has been changed to "allow" in version 4.2.0 (which I hadn't noticed), but they are otherwise the same setting as well as the default one. As for the "Listen on IPv6 address" checkbox, it has been removed in 4.2.1 (which I unbelievably also failed to notice), with "Optional IP address to bind to" now apparently being the favored way to accomplish that, and set to "All addresses" by default.

I always cross-check client files against the real thing before posting them, and this one obviously passed that test, but I have no IPv6 connectivity whatsoever. It is possible that for those with a dual-stack setup, an IPv6 address may now be explicitly reported to the tracker (which this emulation doesn't do) under the default settings. Feedback on this matter would be appreciated.

I'll edit the first post to reflect all of this.