View Full Version : [Deluge] Deluge 2.0.3

30.09.19, 19:42
Important information:

This client emulation is written based on data captured from running Deluge 2.0.3 under Windows, following the steps detailed in this (https://dev.deluge-torrent.org/ticket/3201#comment:9) unofficial procedure, since a "real" installer does not exist at this time.
Builds for other operating systems may differ in their behavior (see 353524), making the emulation detectable if used alongside them. Furthermore, any future official Windows releases of even the same version may introduce changes that also compromise emulation accuracy, so keep that in mind before a potential upgrade.
Deluge 2.0.3 generates a different peer_id and key for each torrent, but reuses those values when torrents are stopped and restarted, a behavior that the Perfect Spoof cannot replicate. Therefore, it would theoretically be detectable if specific torrents are stopped and started while others remain running, and you should avoid doing so. Merely stopping them is fine, but you should always restart the mod (in order to generate new values for all torrents) rather than restarting individual torrents.
This client file assumes that there aren't any network adapters with IPv6 addresses available, and that BitTorrent protocol encryption is enabled but not forced (as is the default setting). Your setup may differ.
The LTEP client name and reserved handshake bytes were specifically double-checked and confirmed.