View Full Version : [Transmission] Transmission 2.94 (d8e60ee44f)

17.09.18, 21:03
This client uses a global key, so don't run both mRatio and Transmission at the same time, as mRatio doesn't support memory reading for anything other than uTorrent.

An additional "require encryption" client is not offered, since BitTorrent protocol encryption is neither effective nor secure. Leave the real Transmission unchanged from its default of "prefer encryption".

03.01.19, 19:46
thanks anon. Waiting for a client file for ratiomaster+. Should the version string match with the one that you have written above? (d8e60ee44f). I'm using a nightly build.

04.01.19, 07:18
I haven't forgotten about your requests, but I'm away from home right now, so they'll have to wait a few (more) days =]

05.06.20, 15:07
A minor fix has been made to this client file. Please redownload and reinstall if you use this emulation.