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29.07.17, 09:01
Tixati 2.53 Updated client file Download here: 18075

Update(s) in the client file:
1)Key is generated from a specific set of chars as seen when debugging the announce headers.

Note(s) Regarding the client file:
1) This client file doesn't use Global peerid and key. AKA the peerid and key will change for every torrent loaded in the Client.
2) The peerid and key is changed on every torrent simulating the original key!

Notes from the maker: Despite the fact that this client file can change VEM's peerids/keys in a single instance, it shouldn't be used alongside the Original Tixati Client.

Why shouldn't you use this client file side by side with the Original Torrent Client?
Ans) Unlike Rm or Rm+ (1.4 below), VEM doesn't provide you with the option of changing the peerid/key for each torrent. (Then again, neither of the former gave you to spoof multiple torrents).

Can I use it side by side anyway?
Ans) Yes you welcome to try it out, but don't hold me responsible for anything further.

Warning: Confirmation regarding its stability/authenticity is required. If you do notice something out of the ordinary, let me know I'll change it!

Once again Happy Spoofing and don't get banned!:biggrin: