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20.06.17, 21:35
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone interviews the Russian president Vladimir Putin about divisive issues related to the US-Russia relations.

Oliver Stone ... Himself
Vladimir Putin ... Himself

duration: ~4h
source: youtube (4-part video)


the comments below mostly refer to what putin (or russia) said or did, with a few of my remarks

Part 1


- negative: he did not address 9/11 as a false flag operation - at the time he offered help to usa and supported a fight against terrorism in general
- says that usa built or helped the islamic terrorists
- runs russia as a company (that seems comparable to globalists and their (transnational) companies)
- wants partnership, dialogue, no foul play, acknowledgement of russian status, sees others (usa & co.) as partners
- paid off all their debt to the IMF, including that of all former soviet republics!
- according to docu on-screen data (probably from stone): ruthless approach to hostage situations with many hostage deaths involved
- usa presidents change, the politics doesn't, usa duplicity keeps getting mentioned
- 'Only the Lord knows the future'
- 'Those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown', a saying mentioned

Part 2


- nuclear armament balance as a goal
- cuban missile crisis arose due to nato missiles deployed in turkey, close to russian territory
- all? those separatist conflicts in russia seem to be very close to the turkish border
- putin never saw the movie 'dr. strangelove:...', seems he did not like those nuke-in-action scenes hehe
- gay propaganda law for minors, adults can choose as they like
- upholds traditional values
- into sports (hockey, judo, riding), a youtube user called him 'a machine'
- russians do not use mass-scale phone/internet surveillance, unlike usa (as proved by snowden)
- according to putin, snowden should have resigned, not gone public, guess kgb keeps it in the closet ;) whereas, snowden's site says something like: 'tell it because it is right, not because it is safe'
- russia (while putin is at their helm) does not interfere in the domestic affairs of foreign countries - might explain their silence about many international topics
- russian muslims are well integrated, they consider themselves russians

Part 3


- ukraine & the crimean area discussed, annexed per referendum, thus considered legal
- syria & fighting against isis & el-nusra (which have ~80.000 soldiers & mercenaries), russia was invited by syria to help them, thus they are the only legal aid there, whereas usa & co. are intruders! (there's a clip with assad confirming that)
- close encounters with usa warship entering deep into the black sea area

Part 4


- there was no russian hacking or interfering with usa elections, on the other hand the usa was interfering with both presidential elections in russia regarding putin
- he did not blame israel/zionists for anything in syria (maybe he doesn't want to insult them, mentioned earlier as a general attitude towards all partners)
- agrees that the usa nuclear attacks on hiroshima and nagasaki (according to russian military specialists) did not have a military sense, since japan was already pretty much defeated
- seems the russians keep suggesting dialogue regarding mutual rules & guidelines on many military issues (incl. cyber-warfare) but usa keeps ignoring or declining them
- mentions churchill's changes of attitude towards russia when it suited him in the past
- calls stalin a product of his era (which would obviously apply to anyone, including putin), thinks that stalin's atrocities should not be forgotten, thinks most people of that era admired stalin (probably those that did not get a taste of his gulag-kind-of medicine)
- according to putin, money doesn't bring true happiness (thus he has no offshore accounts or great wealth), but rather leaving a mark on history (legacy) is what does
- he is very much in favor of national interests, which any russian leader ought to have as a priority
- he comments to stone that stone will probably suffer (in usa) for doing this interview with putin against mainstream attitude, but stone thinks it is worth it (guess he wants to leave a mark in history too)

- other mentioned russian goals: fighting terrorism (in general), poverty (supposedly halved from the previous era), environmental deterioration (no mention of geoengineering practices), stockpiling of nuclear weapons (was a topic of past usa-russian relations)

anyways, it was interesting to hear russian official positions from putin himself, might be interesting to make a similar show with trump too (though stone could be tempted to roast the republican president more as he is considered a rival to his sanders-flavor of democrats)

22.06.17, 17:32
the videos are available on torrents if you don't want to search through youtube for bits & pieces:


23.06.17, 09:02
It's available in TBy, now waiting for them to come back.

23.06.17, 17:03
This looks interesting, I'll watch it when I get the chance (and yes, a Trump interview would also be good).