View Full Version : Feedback for the new client file sections

25.11.16, 14:27
Announcement: http://www.sb-innovation.de/f252/new-sections-sharing-client-files-33025/

Leave any comments or questions here.

28.11.16, 14:15

I uploaded a few client files in another thread, you want us to upload them again in the new thread?
(Or do you have a tool to move post between threads)

you once said that the "member area" also had a client file thread. Will those be moved or copied or will they remain the exclusivity of the "members".

Anyway, having a client file thread open to all is great idea. Thanks.

29.11.16, 16:48
I copied your qBT clients for Vuze to the new section. If there's anything else I missed, let me know and I'll also copy it (or you can repost it yourself, of course).

I'd prefer that all client files are posted in these public sections from now on, so that everyone can find everything easily. In fact, after my summer break begins, I intend to do a forum-wide cleanup aimed at getting rid of all the now outdated and useless ones. However, that's not an order; if someone wants to keep their work private for whatever reason, they'll still have the choice to do so.