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21.09.16, 20:12
qBitTorrent 3.3.7

Some comment about encryption:
Setting the encryption in Vuze settings does not reflect in the announce, so if you need or wish to force or just support encryption, you have to hard code the parameter in the spoof file.

As such; I attached a ZIP file that contains 3 client files to support the 3 different encryption levels.

their file name should be self-explanatory.

3.3.7 with Preferred Crypto.client
3.3.7 with Required Crypto.client
3.3.7 without Crypto.client

file 1 will add supportcrypto=1 in the announce
file 2 will add requirecrypto=1 in the announce
file 3 will not add any crypto parameter in the announce.

I tested the 3 files. In terms of connected peers, file 1 and 3 let connect the same number of peers, some peers have encryption, some don't. With file 2, VEM only allow peers with encryption enabled.
I suggest to use file 1. Theoretically it's the setting that gives the highest number of possible peers.
This has worked fine for me on trackers like PTP, HD-T, HDO, WiHD, WFL.

10.04.17, 01:59
You know you fooking rock, don't you !. I tested this and working on GGn, PTP, BTN, CN, SCC & BiB so far.