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24.12.15, 03:15
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24.12.15, 10:44
Merry Christmas from me as well! Spend your time well :D

25.12.15, 22:21
merry Christmas!

on one hand this may mean: 'have a happy/joyful day of christmas'
on the other (not necessarily opposite), this greeting may be understood as: 'marry christ mass', ie. join (in a spiritual way) the spiritual mass/cluster/formation known as 'christ' (which is a christian label for something/someone available in all or perhaps all serious religions of the world, merely under a different label or depiction or symbol or person)

so basically people offering such greetings are (mostly unknowingly) welcoming each other into this kind of communion, as it represents the final result of their life's journey, where one's life is considered successful if it results in the aforementioned communion

another hint may be the name jesus, which may be understood as 'je(sus) is us', meaning that this formation is composed of numerous individual souls

is this interpretation valid if it seems just like a simple/cheap/banal mixture of words? considering how our age is the age of (spiritual) ignorance and confusion, it may be necessary to use the most simple ways of instruction, since any other, more sophisticated way appears indecipherable to the majority

what of the atheists and other non-believers or enemies of religions (or spirituality)? they have other symbols representing the same phenomenon, for example, current science uses the term 'big crunch', represented by a super-sized black hole, wherein we find another hint: 'black hole' = 'black whole' (a hard to decipher/visualize/understand wholesomeness which will unite all things in the universe, in a kind of marriage if you will)

even the word marriage may be understood as a joyful, a 'merry age'

is all this intentionally done? if the divine intention is to guide its souls/entities into a communion of higher quality (than this earthly experience), it seems logical that they would receive such pointers along the way - another interpretation may claim that the whole universe/creation is composed of nothing else but things pointing in the same direction, ie. every single one of them may have this characteristic or even their very being may speak of nothing else but this eternal wholesomeness, whereas a lack of wholesomeness may be perceived/experienced only in a state of partial awareness, in a state of lesser quality (like in our earthly experience)

so, merry christmas to all that celebrate it, and to everyone else: may you all reach your own individual state of experiencing eternal wholesomeness, in your own individual way, upon completing your own individual journey (journeys) :top:

26.12.15, 00:06
Look who's back just in time... :happy:

27.12.15, 15:09
Look who's back just in time...

is there any other way? ;)

28.12.15, 04:55
Ehh, now I'm suddenly remembering that quotation about wizards never arriving late nor early.

My point is, glad to see you again :wavey: