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19.04.12, 13:07
Hi guys.

Many of you must have heard of Beachbody workouts

The official site:

Workout Videos & Home Fitness Programs - Beachbody.com (http://www.beachbody.com/)

When I was sixteen years old,I tried the P90x programme without a nutrition supplement(it is stupid,I know :stupid:).Thus,my muscles got extremely exhausted that I could not continue the workout.

Now that I am eighteen,I decided to do the INSANITY workout and bought a good nutrition supplement(a Whey recovery drink).

This time,I'll make it to the end with a dogged determination,renewed vigour.

By the way,you can find all the beachbody workouts on Demonoid with a variety of rips.

I can't wait to hear your experiences,advices fellows :smile:


15.01.13, 14:36
Hello Guys beachbody workout applications include weight training,cardio,primary and versatility exercises along with nutrition assistance, online support and free training. What makes Beachbody exercises different from other exercise video and dvd programs?Any idea?Thanks a lot!!

23.01.13, 17:21
Nothing makes them different. All good marketing!

23.05.13, 18:19
Its a very interesting and informative thread. I like thsi official site that you shared dear. If someone needs more information about beach body workouts then contact with me. I will share more information abnout this kind of workout.