View Full Version : Alternate to Library.nu ?

29.12.11, 17:21
Seems Library.nu is down now..:frown:
Is there any sites for free ebook is as great as library.nu ?
I have found the thread: http://www.sb-innovation.de/f71/13-sites-download-free-ebooks-26294/
But all the sites mentioned are not that good .:frown:
Any recommendation ?

29.12.11, 18:43
It's working for me. Sadly it seems to be invite-only now.

29.12.11, 21:40
All I could think of is magazinedownload.com
I hAVE not gone to that site often but it is in my bookmarks. The stuff there comes in .pdf format.
|Maybe it is not entirely what you might be looking for but again it is all |I could think of atm.

30.12.11, 02:11
I can only remember this site although not dedicated avaxhome.ws/ebooks (http://avaxhome.ws/ebooks)

by the way aren't e-learning trackers good enough ?