View Full Version : How To Read/write to NTFS drives on your Mac

28.02.08, 00:52
If you're sharing files between your Mac and NTFS-formatted Windows drive, you're stuck in read-only mode with OS X's default drivers.
Using this method you could format a drive NTFS and share it between a Mac and a PC - especially helpful if you're Bootcamp-ing Windows on your Mac and want backup to the same external hard drive.

LINK (http://www.hackszine.com/blog/archive/2007/06/howto_readwrite_to_ntfs_drives.html?CMP=OTC-7G2N43923558)

09.05.08, 23:45
use ntfs-3g
its available in google code

22.05.08, 22:56
You can also use MAC fuse

This goes well with the ntfs-3g

Try it you wont be disappointed