View Full Version : Having a IRC more Advantage to Forum

27.02.08, 12:38
Hello Sir

I have been in IRC - Internet Relay Chat since 1 year and i have pretty good exprience with creating a chat service plus creating a channel and maintaining it also. It is meant to interact with the users and clear their doubts also we can have chatting there and also play games is optional :smile:

The good point is more and more users will come across this wonderfull forum by comming to the IRC Address if we ever going to have in future , it would be awesome . we can make a topic in the channel for our users so that they will come to know whats going on in the forum :smile:

"My question was that if we are planning on this"? I'am read to help you for sure :smile:

Best Regards

27.02.08, 14:14
well we have at the moment no plans about going to irc. we have to think first about the problems that are connected to that

27.02.08, 15:57
I donīt think that we will have an irc chanel in the future... Because, if we start a irc channel, the users go in the channel and ask there for problems... The forum were dieing, i think itīs not a good idea... At the forum start we talked about an irc channel, but we thought itīs better to start without an irc server...

But i donīt now whatīs the future bring to us. :smile:



27.02.08, 16:12
hehe ok sir you have a very good point if people will come to IRC then Forum will be inactive and i dont want that to happen , This forum is World's Number 1 :top: