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21.08.11, 01:22
I have not tested it yet as I have a paid for VPN. But if you all want to try it and get freelife time VPN for being beta testers. Check out RealVPN. The accounts are limited to 5000 testers so get them quick. Right now only using openVPN to connect but they will have PPTP latter on. Also, has 5 different server locations.



Have fun and hope it works good.

21.08.11, 02:46
OpenVPN servers and multiple ports, including 443. This looks very nice! I have just signed up. Has anyone else tested it? Are speeds and latency good? The home page doesn't say much.

There's a couple of unsecured networks I use sometimes when I'm outside of home, and a VPN for those occasions would be cool. If it has port forwarding, that's even better, although I don't really plan on torrenting on the go.

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This is from my confirmation e-mail:

Your login: xxxxx
Your password: xxxxx
Your opened port : xx459 (Usefull for P2P)

Reminder: P2P is only allowed on the Netherlands server !
Configuration files are on the website main page.

Best regards, Real-VPN support team.

The message came from donotreply[AT]real-debrid.com. I knew I had heard the name before, so I did a search and it appears they're a sort of paid Premium link generator.

21.08.11, 03:41
I'd like to see how this thing works out as well. I've also signed up. Currently,

Users limit: 2321 / 5000

As a Beta tester, I'll take free and life-time anyday. However, I would'nt be surprised that there's a catch there somewhere.

21.08.11, 06:02
Is there a way to set it up for smartphones?

Never mind. Found the way to set it up. However, can't make connections just like with other VPNs I've tried so far :(

21.08.11, 13:51
I register an account and get disabled..they got traffic limit for each account ?
I use a proxy and get another account.

21.08.11, 14:35
I made an account just for the heck of it, DL speeds so far are good maxing out my connections at 800KB/s connected to the US & NL one for now. Not checked the latency yet though.
As for traffic limit I don't think so as I have dl 15GB bluray movie and no problems with it.

21.08.11, 19:01
I register an account and get disabled..

What did you do :unsure:

21.08.11, 19:25
i've signed up, but can't find any t&c/tos - does anyone have any info on these guys..?

22.08.11, 00:03
Well, I found this on the Botting Network forums.

This is a new company (France), which had a rocky start.

First beta launch was destroyed due to Bots taking over.

Currently the second beta is live. First round mentioned the beta participants would receive this package as a lifetime license. The second beta did not mention anything. Even worse; last night the beta was completely cancelled again - this due to bad WOT ratings (WOT SUCKS). Luckily, many happy beta people came to the rise, trying to convince real-vpn (on Facebook) not to do this, not for WOT.

Appearently they listened. The beta accounts are still being given away, and the original posts about shutting down the beta program were removed.

Instead, this topic was posted on their wall:
" Real-VPN will not be closed. Mainly to close the mouth to morons who do not believe in our skills. Concerning Wot we will fix that with NO IP Logs, at least, the IP logs data will be transferred encrypted elsewhere (exotic country) and we will provide that in case of pedophilia. It's not because we are a French company that HADOPI etc will land to your home. We have done everything to protect us and you, in fact, we did not just say P2P or not P2P we also blocked the P2P through our firewall on our servers that are not allowed to protect ourselves and protect you. In other words there is no chance that we receive any DCMA complain or other, even for checking. Moreover, it was not really usefull to have logs of connection & disconnection, what you did is not checkable ...".

Sadly enough, again, they do not mention the conditions for the beta.

So while it's a longshot gamble... CURRENTLY anyone can enjoy a great VPN. I am watching hulu advertisement without any stutters! And that's rare for a "free" service!

But nothing on their homepage other than config file downloads and the signup form is a bit shady, yes.

I tried the service inside a VM today. All the servers seem fast. Latencies are a bit higher than normal, but still well within the reasonable range for a VPN. You can choose TCP access on ports 80 or 443, or UDP on ports 443, 500 or 1194 for each one.

If you're a MicroXP user, make sure you change the route-method exe line in your config file(s) to route-method adaptive. You can also use dhcp-option DNS to specify your own name servers, one per line.

Bottom line: this is okay to watch Hulu outside of the States or RedTube on your workplace, I guess. :lol:

22.08.11, 14:31
What did you do :unsure:

Nothing bad....except for browsing porn sites..:tongue:

03.09.11, 19:06
Anyone tested this? Is it some sort of scam? We certainly wouldn't want to have our Internet intercepted by this VPN.

03.09.11, 20:06
don't work for me!?
i have all installed,i connected to vpn server,but my ip it's the same as before!?

04.09.11, 04:46
Anyone tested this? Is it some sort of scam? We certainly wouldn't want to have our Internet intercepted by this VPN.

I tried it and it worked fine until some days ago. Now I can't get it to connect. I tried the NL and UK servers, maybe the others work fine.

14.09.11, 01:52
The maximum user limit tripled since this was posted :unsure:

If you can't get it to work, use the TCP port 443 servers. That worked for me. Anything else gives "connection refused".

22.10.11, 06:24
I got mine since 3 days and it's working well :), it's really good for those who have static IP

23.10.11, 18:01
Also, PPTP is know up if you want to use that and not openVPN to connect. Been playing around using the PPTP and its not to bad. Speeds is kind of all over with the US VPN but the others are not stable.

23.10.11, 18:31
PPTP (http://www.schneier.com/pptp.html)

And that's why I love OpenVPN! :wgrin: