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13.06.11, 03:21
falling skies is an alien invasion tv show produced by dreamworks televison and it will premier a week from today on cable channel tnt.

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13.06.11, 03:54
In this series, are the aliens green or pink??
I guess it's time to ask my local insurer about "alien abduction" insurance. ..see if they have any.
I'll add it next to my rabid-hamster-attack insurance policy in case the aliens from this show pop-out of the tube with mind-gutting-hamster-tearing-your-flesh-apart-claws. You never know what they've got up their sleeves.

15.07.11, 03:32
it was not very thrilling yet imho. let's see how it gös on

15.07.11, 06:29
It was a bit boring imo, dont wanna watch anymore.

16.07.11, 02:12
I can tell you right now why it was both not thrilling and a total bore. That's b/c the aliens have an IQ of 2678.45 compared to the average human IQ of, what??.... 140 or so??
You see aliens tend to invade us while the rest of us are watching football and soccer championships. They get us while we're not paying attention.

They're not going to send us an cryptic message about some impending death and destruction.
They're just going to broadcast themselves on the television during half-time and say " Please do not be alarmed by our huge pink spaceships zapping billions to death. We are a race of hyper-intelligent space-hippies"

Right after they zap us to death, they'll send over they're space-hamsters, which are about the size of our earth elephants, and eat what's left over.

And we're done. :biggrin:

16.07.11, 02:20
The first ep was nice, the second ep was ok and in the third ep they started praying and begging god for help. At that point i realized that show was going down already before it even really started...

But im just wondering, there were so many movies and series in the last couple of month dealing with hostile invading aliens, like V, Skyline, Battle LA and now Falling Sky.
Wonder why they suddenly started making so many movies about this...

16.07.11, 09:10
It follows a trend. That's why.

The trend is most evident when film and tv producers look into their crystal ball and determine that something is going to be a "hit". This "hit" follows through what is commonly known as a domino effect.

It's like this. One production group starts up a theme based on alien invasions and it follows suit to other production groups who follow through on the same theme-based productions. Eventually when this theme based on alien invasions is saturated to the point where they realize that the audiences have had enough of friendly pink aliens invading the earth to clear the planet for construction of their exotic galactic party venues, they move on to other theme based productions.

It's a way of making money through saturation of the market before any new 'hits' are to follow with renewed productions (and subsequent saturations) in film and tv markets based on other themes. Which could be anything.