View Full Version : Rumor: Windows 8 to Play Xbox 360 Games

01.06.11, 05:35
More Xbox 360 Games On Windows 8 Details (http://www.rumorpedia.net/more-xbox-360-games-on-windows-8-details/)


As promised, we dug some more information regarding the upcoming Windows 8 feature which will allow users to play Xbox 360 games on their PCís.

According to our sources, Xbox 360 on PC will have a subscription fee (just like Xbox Live). However, when it comes to online gaming, it will use Windows Live Marketplace and as a result, PC owners will not be able to compete against console owners (at least in initial stage), due to plausible frustrations (mouse vs. controller).

Why would Microsoft do that?

Since software giant plans to launch Xbox 720 (not the real name) in few years, Xbox 360 game sales on PC will not only give company additional revenue but will also extend current generation hardware lifespan.


Sounds too good to be true,right?

01.06.11, 08:30
that ain't gonna be true.

why would ms give everyone an opt-out of buying it's current console by releasing an easily pirated os that enables users to do the same thing for free?

as long as the 360 generates cash, the games are gonna be exclusive to it.

01.06.11, 10:55
I seriously doubt there's any truth in this!