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11.03.11, 04:18
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Since many users have trouble with excessive memory usage that's caused by Azureus here are some rules of thumb how to reduce the required memory size.

Note: Most settings require the advanced user mode

1. Get a current Azureus version, they're usually more optimized than older ones
2. Update your Java (http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Java) version
3. Disable plugins you don't need under Tools -> Options -> Plugins or even uninstall them via Plugins -> Uninstallation wizard. All plugins use up memory, especially the Safepeer plugin which uses quite a bit. Instead of safepeer, it might be better to use an external IPblocker tool or at least use only one blocklist and not the "paranoid" set.

Note: Some plugins are used for day-to-day operation and shouldn't be removed, mainly those labeled as built-in.

4. Make sure you have good settings (http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Good_settings), esp. the number of connections and active torrents determines the memory usage since every peer connection and every running torrent creates management overhead.
* Many users overestimate the importance of the number of peer connections since they think more peers = more download, but that's a misconception. Peers will only be willing to give data to you if you give data to them. Since your upload speed likely has a low cap, it is in your best interest to connect to only a few peers and send them as much data as possible, so they will reciprocate. More peers = more memory used + less available bandwidth due overhead of the BitTorrent protocol.
Generally 90-120 connections should be enough under most circumstances.
5. Disable logging under Tools -> Options -> Logging
6. Disable Tools -> Options -> Interface -> Display -> Show program icons in name column
7. Switch to the classic UI under Tools -> Options -> Interface -> Start -> Vuze UI Chooser
8. Set your disk cache size under Tools -> Options -> Files -> Performance Options to reasonable settings (4MB cache, 1MB read queue, 1MB write queue)
9. in case you have enabled the save peer connections feature under tools -> options -> files either disable it (but not the Fast Resume mode) or set a reasonable limit... something that equals the number of peer max. connections.
10. make sure the built-in tracker is disabled by unchecking both Enable Tracker on ... options under tools -> options -> tracker -> server
11. make sure the checkbox under Tools -> Options -> Plugins -> Distributed Tracker is set
12. create a link that calls Azureus.exe -J-Xmx64m to launch Azureus with a JVM heap size that's restricted to 64MB
13. If you have the Advanced Statistics (http://azureus.sourceforge.net/plugin_details.php?plugin=advancedstatistics) plugin installed, review its configuration settings and also decide whether you really need the plugin, as it uses a lot of memory.

Remember to restart Azureus, so that all the new settings get applied.

If that doesn't cut it then there also is the next, more experimental chapter:

Read More here:Vuze (http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Reduce_memory_usage)

11.03.11, 14:38
under TOOLS/OPTIONS/INTERFACE/START====> display vuze ui chooser.
this make my pc less laggy, dont know if its a fact or only me. try and see.

good guide btw, it helped to remember about removing unwated plugins.

11.03.11, 15:00
We already have a revised copy of that: