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24.02.11, 18:03
Hello frnds....
I am trying to download mp3's streamed at http"//musicme.com/ but without any luck, i have tried several programs which claim to pick up any thing which is being streamed in browser but none of them is working at this particular site.Usually IDM does it for me but not here, any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

24.02.11, 18:05
If it uses HTTP, then using a packet sniffer to capture the data and then dump it to a file must work.

24.02.11, 18:43
Try this:

www.musicme.com: How to capture songs from MusicMe (http://emoney.al.ru/capture-streaming-music/capture_20_0_www.musicme.com-How-to-capture-song-from-MusicMe.htm)
Replay Music - Download Music by Recording it (http://applian.com/replay-music/)

24.02.11, 20:03
Replay Music - Download Music by Recording it (http://applian.com/replay-music/)

Only use that as a last resort.

24.02.11, 23:09
Streaming audio recording/ripping software

Streaming media recording: Find easy to use yet powerful software to record streaming audio and video. Follow our guidelines to find the best freeware or shareware stream recorder. (http://all-streaming-media.com/)

25.02.11, 19:17
Ok thank you guys but how do i know which protocol its using http or rtmp?

25.02.11, 19:29
If the request begins with "GET /... HTTP/1.x", guess what it is. :wgrin:

25.02.11, 22:50
I wanna download a few songs from a site. Should I use the same advice?

25.02.11, 22:51
Sure. Programs like Replay Media Catcher usually work fine.