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I scream.You scream.We all scream...!!!!


The WORLD CUP is here....

Do you have any favorites?any snippets to share?

Interesting Facts Before Icc Cricket Worldcup 2011 (http://www.articlealley.com/article_2046969_32.html)

Do you know enough about the origin of cricket before Icc cricket world cup 2011 begins .
Actually No one can claim that he knows exact origins of cricket, but 1787, the Marylebone Cricket Club was formed and first match scheduled at Dorset Square in London.
Since then cricket has been gaining the popularity by leaps and bound. The use and through version of cricket i.e 20-20 has become famous as it takes only three hour of your day and amount of thrill is more than test and one day cricket.

As in the recent time the reign of Australia over cricket world before Icc cricket worldcup 2011 as well as for all Indians that India is going to host the cricket world cup 2011 as craze of the cricket in Asian countries you can feel through their noise in the play ground. India has been emerging as powerful contender and No doubt, most of the players are in their full form. The whole team is ready with younger players like Suresh Raina, Pathan, Kohli as well as experienced players like Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir. But will India be able to keep the trophy of world cup diminishing so the interest of the cricket lover has been on its pick level. It is a great honor for India with itself. Will India won the world cup 2011?

We only can predict as in the past we have seen it is not necessary the team wins in his home ground and all know that cricket is the game of uncertainty so wait for the cricket world cup 2011

So let us see some interesting facts about cricket

In 1979, again it was hosted by England. But this time also the other team, West Indies made a consecutive victory for the World Cup.

The fourth World Cup, 1987-88, was won by Australia but was hosted by, first time, two Asian countries, India and Pakistan together.

The longest match played in the cricket history was between England and South Africa in 1939, played for 14 days straight in Durban, South Africa. Even then, the match wasn't over. England needed 42 more runs to win, and had five wickets in hand, but the team's boat was due to sail home the next day, and so the game was called. The match was officially declared a tie

You can imagine the power of arms a British player Robert Percival achieved a distance of 128 m, 60 cm (140 yds., 2 ft.), at Durham Sands racecourse in 1884.

One can easily understand the popularity of cricket in Asia continent that the sixth world cup, 1996, was hosted by 3 Asian countries, (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) together and Pakistan did not get into the final in spite of the number of people and their support was awe some.

If we talk about the first world cup then it was hosted in England but won by West Indies.

In the America it was seen in 1700s. It started in the Chesapeake area when the settlers arrived there. The sport was also the precursor to the evolution of baseball in New York

I have attached the schedule in case anyone's interested...

22.02.11, 15:52
I would love to see new teams doing something to surprise the experienced ones (ireland,holland,kenya,bangladesh etc) but too bad i dont have much time to watch full matches :(

Thanks for the schedule man...:)

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Going to watch India vs SA. Tickets already sold out!! :P