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02.01.11, 19:25
Many people want to learn how to use Excel. It is, after all, a very popular spreadsheet that makes work, career, in other words, life, easier. This article discusses various Excel tips and tricks, or MS Excel techniques that you can use to master Excel.

Excel, Microsoft Excel, or MS Excel, is a popular spread sheet that is computer based, that a person can use to record data, analyze data, and manipulate data, thus making various tasks easier to complete, which explains why so many individuals yearn to gain knowledge on how to use Excel. If you need information on Excel tips and tricks, or in other words, you wish to learn MS Excel techniques, this article can serve as your Microsoft Excel tutorial.

Here are some of the most popular tips for using Excel:

The Undo Feature Of Excel 2007 Onwards

We human beings are not perfect. There are surely times wherein you make mistakes when using MS-Excel. You should not become frustrated, though, if you accidentally click on the wrong button in Excel, or if you made a mistake with an Excel data. You can actually undo those previous mistakes quickly and easily through Excel’s Undo option.

Remember though this important information on how to use Excel that pertains to the Undo feature: it (Undo option) holds a list of several actions you have performed, which means that you can correct more than one mistake when you’re utilizing Excel’s Undo feature. Part of Excel tips and tricks, though, is that you have to undo the latest action first, before you are able to undo the earlier action. For example, if your list of actions total to 3, you should undo the third action first, before you can undo the second and the first actions.

Excel’s Format Painter

Included in the list of MS Excel techniques is for you to utilize the Format Painter. Each and every Microsoft Excel tutorial will definitely teach you about how important the Format-Painter is. You see, whenever you need to design your spread sheet e.g. add background colors, change the font colors, apply formatting based on one cell into other cells, and so on, in order to make it more attractive and interesting, you can simply use one tool: Excel’s Format Painter.

Using this tool is definitely one of the most important Excel tips and tricks that will help you finish your work or your task in a speedier manner. The following are the common steps of how to use Excel Format Painter:

Step 1: Select a cell you want to copy formats from, or select a cell and place all the formatting you want in that cell.

Step 2: Make that cell active by clicking on it.

Step 3: Click on the Format Painter Icon.

Step 4: Select the group of cells, or click on a single cell where you want the formats copied.

Excel Lists

A complete Microsoft Excel tutorial will also reiterate the importance of creating and making use of lists in the spreadsheet. In fact, list making in Excel is one of the most essential Excel tips and tricks. Lists, after all, can help you find data more easily. Excel lists are actually very easy to do. The first step that pertains to how to use Excel, specifically the list function of the spread sheet is: to click on the Data tab, and then, choose the ‘Create List’ option. You can also utilize the Data Validation tool found in Excel to easily create drop down lists.

You can create several lists for easy data search and better organization. For example, if you have a sales sheet that needs to show the following data: date of purchase, purchased item, item price, and customer name, you can create drop down lists for those categories.

The three MS Excel techniques shared above are considered some of the most popular Excel tips and tricks you can find in a good Microsoft Excel tutorial. If you wish to learn more about Excel, specifically about the essentials and secrets of the above mentioned spreadsheet, read this: 101 Secrets Of A Microsoft Excel Addict, written by Francis Hayes. After reading this whole book, you’re sure to use MS-Excel like a pro or an expert!

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