View Full Version : Hybrid p2p client eDonkey/kad and Bt (like lphant)

13.10.10, 19:09
Hi @all.
I'm searching a p2p client wich can download from eMule and uT network, like lphant (with multinetwork system if possible). Or if don't exist, show me how to made lPhant portable and remove banner on windows 7.

PS: I don't like shareaza.

Thanks @all!

13.10.10, 19:11
Multi-Network (http://www.zeropaid.com/software/file-sharing/multi-network/)

Did you try searching Google for "lphant portable"? :gtongue:

13.10.10, 19:13
Mldonkey and it is even multiplatform:
MLDonkey (http://mldonkey.sourceforge.net/Main_Page)

13.10.10, 19:19
Someone know how remove lphant banner on windows 7 ?
And exist a leecher version of these software ?

@Vation: MLDonkey is portable ? have cs like eMule ?
What version I should download from sourceforge ?

13.10.10, 19:23
Yes is it is portable, sourceforge download is 7z.exe

13.10.10, 19:29
I hope can be useful, I will start try now.
If someone know other software eDonkey/Kad, Bt, please post here.


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Now I see the prompt like batch files. Don't have GUi this software ? Now I can't exit and use the program... what I should do ?

13.10.10, 19:34
It has WEB interface or front end you call both GUI.

To control there are several ways:

telnet 4000

Or with a GUI:
Sancho, a fork of G2GUI: sancho : the advanced gui for p2p core applications (http://sancho-gui.sf.net/)

EDIT I personally prefer WEB interface because it is highly customizable, sancho may lack some features

13.10.10, 19:40
I don't like MLDonkey... do you know something of more simple (with GUI) ? (...@anon: remove banner to lPhant on win 7 ? i don't found portable version...)

13.10.10, 19:42
@Vation: MLDonkey is portable ? have cs like eMule ?
What version I should download from sourceforge ?

mlDonkey has no credit system. It doesn't even have a queue. And yeah, I liked its Web interface back in the day! :ggrin:

eMuleBT is also another client.

13.10.10, 19:50
Lphant is old I'd go for two separate ultralight clients emule Xtreme LPE:

and utorrent 2.0 branch or as light client like halite

13.10.10, 20:28
I have only 22 kb/s upload wich I up for p2p... I think is not possible for me use 2 client... else, I should use uT no upload mod...

13.10.10, 20:34
22 kbps? You mean 22 KiBps?
Kibibyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibibyte)

LPE upload can be set below 10 KiB and Utorrent 5 or less. It would be like 10 KiB for both plus overhead 5 KiB. Should work fine.

13.10.10, 20:38
Thanks vation, I think I will stay with eMule... now I must try 1 thing...

Thanks @all :D, eMule is enough for now...

14.10.10, 15:16
@TheDeathless: having a single program handling multiple networks doesn't mean the whole upload accounts for all of the networks. Whatever you share in BT won't account as an ed2k upload. Unless the networks are "joint" like ed2k and Kad you will be in the same position as having 2, 3 or whatever programs you need.
Maybe RS and the sort are the answer: they require no upload.

14.10.10, 15:36
I tried a lot of software... eMule rest the best